How to submit a ruling request in the CARM Client Portal


In this video you will learn how to complete basic information needed for all ruling requests, how to complete specific details needed for tariff classification rulings, and how to add supporting information.


Welcome to this video on how to submit a ruling request in the CARM Client Portal.

In this video you will learn:

Let us begin!

On the home page, make sure you are in the correct account.

Change accounts if you are not.

To go to the ruling page, either click on the “Rulings” link found here, or select “Rulings” from the drop-down menu.

Click “Rulings” again to continue.

There are two steps in every ruling request: entering the ruling context, and then entering the ruling details.

First, let’s review the “Ruling Context.”

This standard information is required for all ruling requests, regardless of type.

Click the “Request a new ruling” button.

Select the type of ruling you want to request from the drop-down menu.

There are a number of different types you can select from, including tariff classification, origin, and valuation rulings.

For this video, we chose a tariff classification ruling, the most common type of request.

Select the port of entry through which the goods will be imported into Canada.

You can search by typing part of the port’s name or by using the port code.

You will be asked if the goods have ever been the subject of a ruling, a review, or an appeal before.

Click the appropriate answer, or “None of the above.”

Answer whether or not the goods have been imported into Canada before.

If you click “Yes,” you will need to answer whether or not they will continue to be imported into Canada.

For this example, we will select “No.”

Indicate whether or not you would like the CBSA to make your ruling publicly available.

Click “Yes” or “No.”

If you click “Yes,” the CBSA will post your ruling to the CARM site for the benefit of the importing community.

At this point, you may save your request as a draft.

Input the desired name and click “Save draft.”

You can find your drafts in the list of rulings on the rulings page.

You can continue work on a saved draft by clicking the pencil icon to edit.

After completing this page, click “Next” to continue.

Next, let’s review Ruling details.

This is the second part of a ruling request in which detailed information specific to the type of selected ruling will be entered.

As a reminder, this video specifically shows the details for a tariff classification ruling.

We chose a tariff classification because it is the most common type of ruling request.

Input detailed information about the goods, including their description, specifications, and manufacturer.

Input a list of materials, ingredients, and the composition of the goods in as much detail as possible.

Write a description of how the goods are made.

Enter the applicable tariff classification number.

Enter the reason why it is believed that tariff classification applies to these goods.

Are you applying for conditional relief? Click “Yes” or “No.”

If “Yes,” enter the number for the conditional relief tariff item.

Type the intended use of the good.

Type a description of how the goods will be packaged.

It is easier and faster for the CBSA to render a decision on a ruling when supporting documents and information are included.

Check this box if you do not have proprietary information or if the information is forthcoming from the manufacturer.

You may also link to information or documents hosted on the manufacturer’s web site.

Enter the URL or web site link here.

Just like the ruling context section, you can either save your draft here, or click “Previous” to go back.

Click the “Submit & Add Attachment(s)” button to submit your request.

A confirmation of the ruling request will be displayed and a case number will be generated.

This ruling will now appear in your list of rulings with the status “submitted.”

Click the “Add attachment(s)” button.

To upload a file, click here or drag-and-drop a file to this space to attach it to your ruling request.

Accepted file formats are displayed here.

Specify the document type in the drop-down menu.

Upload the document from your local machine.

If you would like to view the details of your submission, click the “View confirmation” button.

If you have additional documents to include, click the “Upload a document” link to repeat the process.

Or, click here to return to the rulings requests page.

Here are some key points to remember:

Thank you for watching!

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