CARM Client Portal


The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management project, better known as CARM is a multi-year initiative that will transform the importation process. Through CARM, clients will have access to the CARM Client Portal—an innovative self-service tool that will modernize how the trade community interacts with the CBSA.


CARM Client Portal: the simple and secure way to transact with the CBSA.

The Canada Border Services Agency will make it easier for the trade community to account for goods that are being imported into Canada.

The CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management Client Portal will offer online access to your accounting transactions. At any time. From anywhere.

In the CARM Client Portal, you will be able to view your Statement of Account with financial transactions, make credit card or pre-authorized payments, and submit appeals and rulings requests to the CBSA.

Importers can easily submit declarations with the new digital Commercial Accounting Declaration.

And a suite of tools will help you classify goods and estimate your duties and taxes.

You can even grant access to a service provider to manage your importing process.

Visit the CBSA website to stay up-to-date on CARM, learn more—or find us on LinkedIn.

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