Laws for cannabis at the Canadian border

Notice: Cannabis

Despite the fact that cannabis (marijuana) is legal and regulated in Canada, it remains illegal to transport cannabis in any form – including any oils containing THC or cannabidiol (CBD), across Canada’s national borders whether you are entering or leaving Canada. Additionally, receiving or sending cannabis in any form into or out of Canada by mail or courier is also illegal. Unauthorized purchases from outside Canada (online or other) will be confiscated at the border and may lead to arrest and criminal prosecution

For more information, consult cannabis (marijuana) legalization.

An explanation about the laws for cannabis at the Canadian border.


Message appears on-screen: Don’t Cross the Canadian Border with Cannabis

Map of Canada appears with following text: Can I bring cannabis into Canada?

The URL for the Government of Canada’s page about cannabis appears at the bottom of the screen throughout the video –

A large red X appears over the text

The text disappears revealing the map of Canada. Illustrations of a plane, a train, a car and a ship move across the map, each accompanied by the cannabis leaf inside the international prohibition sign – some include the Rx symbol, as well.

Text appears on-screen: It is illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border. Even if you have medical authorization.

Closing message on screen: Don’t bring it in. Don’t take it out.

Canada wordmark with moving flag appears as the video ends.

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