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Physical evaluation



The CBSA uses the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) to assess your ability to perform physically demanding "use of force training." You must complete it in 4:45 min or less.

With proper preparation we find most applicants can achieve the standard, especially if they are already maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. There is no waiting period to attempt the PARE again if you are not successful.


Specific instruction(s) for each station will be provided to participants by test administrators. The test is made up of three stations. The first two are timed and the third is pass-fail.

Station 1 – obstacle course

This 340-metre (1,116 foot) course involves running six (6) laps of the station with directional changes, jumps, stairs, hurdles, vaults, as well a controlled fall at the end of each lap.

Potential penalties at this station 

You will incur time penalties if you:

You will need to redo a portion of the test if you:

The test will be terminated if you:

Station 2 – push/pull machine

At this station you will need to do two separate tasks on a push/pull machine, called arcs, as well as several controlled falls.  

Potential penalties at this station

You will need to redo an arc if you:

You will need to redo a fall if you:

With the exception of dropping the weight or not completing an arc, you will be allowed one (1) warning before being penalized and asked to redo the task.

Once this station is done, the timed portion of the PARE is over. 

Station 3 – weight carry

You must start this activity within two (2) minutes of completing the push/pull station.

At this station you will need to lift and carry a 36-kilogram (80 pound) bag over a 15 metre (50 foot) distance. This station is pass-fail and is not timed.

You can wrap your arms around the bag or grasp the excess material to lift it. The bag must be carried in a controlled manner in front of you and not over your shoulders or resting on your thighs while walking.

After completing the 15 metre (50 foot) distance, you must lower the bag in a controlled manner.

Potential penalties for this station

You will be asked to repeat the task if you:

You will be given a maximum of three attempts to complete this station.

Station 3 - Weight Carry

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