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CBSA Unified Business Resumption Messaging

This section provides real-time updates related to any unusual or unexpected events including increased alert levels, natural disasters or other significant incidents affecting the normal flows of trade and travel at the Canada - United States border.

In the event of an emergency causing border delays and requiring the redirection of traffic or implementation of other contingencies, the status section below will indicate the nature and location of the incident and link to specific business resumption messages.

Mode of travelStatus
Land border - highwayNo incident at this time
AirInformation not available at this time
RailInformation not available at this time
MarineInformation not available at this time

Note: The information on this Web site relates only to Canada-bound travel and trade. For information related to incidents affecting U.S.-bound travel and trade, visit U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Unified Business Resumption Messaging Centre.