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CBSA Unified Business Resumption Messaging

The CBSA's Unified Business Resumption Messaging (UBRM) service provides the general public, media and trade community with access to alerts when a significant unexpected disaster and/or a national security threat occurs that has the potential to cause, or causes, significant and measurable disruptions (for example, border port of entry closures) to the normal cross-border movement of people and goods into Canada.

In the event of an unexpected disaster or threat to national security causing the redirection of traffic or implementation of other contingencies, the status section below will indicate the nature and location of the incident and link to specific business resumption messages advising what ports are affected, alternative routes, and projected disruption periods.

Mode of travelStatus
Land border - highway
AirInformation not available at this time
RailInformation not available at this time
MarineInformation not available at this time

The UBRM service is intended to provide alerts where there has been a major disruption/cessation of CBSA operations for which there is no available short term contingency. Examples include a CBSA port of entry closure, reroute or massive congestion due to a natural disaster or a threat to national security.

Please note that the UBRM service is not intended to provide alerts about wait times or temporary delays at a port of entry caused by higher volume of traffic during weekend and holidays, commercial system outages, vehicle accident temporarily blocking highway or power outages. For information about wait times, visit CBSA's Border Wait Time Service

Note: The information on this Web site relates only to Canada-bound travel and trade. For information related to incidents affecting U.S.-bound travel and trade, visit U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Unified Business Resumption Messaging Centre.