The Government of Canada makes information readily available on departmental websites to ensure that Canadians and Parliament are better able to hold the government and public sector officials to account.

Acts and regulations

The acts and regulations that the Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for following, as well as the forward regulatory plan of anticipated regulatory changes and the Administrative Burden Baseline count of federal requirements in regulations.

Access to information and privacy

Information contained in federal government records that has been released by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Learn how to make an access to information request for information held by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Proactive Disclosure

Financial and human resources–related information for the Canada Border Services Agency.

Corporate management and reporting


Information related to values and ethics, code of conduct and professional standards.

Government advertising

Information about Government of Canada advertising activities.

Open data

Search the open data catalogue to download datasets and explore the possibilities of open data.


To find out about Canada Border Services Agency consultations, visit the Consulting Canadians website and the Canada Gazette website.

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