BSF722 - Changing bonded status for existing CBSA carriers

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This form is only to be used by existing CBSA carriers who wish to amend their bonded status. Bonded carriers are permitted to transport in-bond goods between points in Canada (e.g. to an inland destination, to a subsequent port of call or in-transit through Canada). A non-bonded carrier must have all shipments released at the first point of arrival. This form must be submitted with original, properly signed financial security documents supporting the status change. Any errors or omissions may delay the processing of your application. Illegible applications will be rejected. Refer to instructions on the reverse

  • 1-Carrier Code
  • 2-Legal business name
  • 3-Operating name
  • Language of correspondence
    • English
    • French
  • 5-Office address and postal code/zip code
  • 6-Mailing address and postal code/zip code
  • 7-Name and title of contact(s)
  • Contact(s) e-mail address
  • Telephone no.
  • Cell phone no.
  • Facsimile no.
  • 12-CRA Business Number, if applicable
  • 13-Company ownership type. You must provide proof of company ownership documents ONLY if you have not previously submitted them to the
    CBSA carrier code program. Refer to instructions on the reverse. -
    • Corporation
    • Partnership
    • Sole Proprietorship
    • Other
  • 14-International Maritime Organization (IMO) Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number (if applicable). Refer to instructions on reverse.
  • Bonded Status Change
    • Non-bonded to bonded - Submit original Customs Bond or other financial security with this form.·
      Transporteur non cautionné qui devient cautionné
    • Bonded to non-bonded - Submit original Notice of Cancellation for Customs Bond with this form
      Transporteur cautionné qui devient non cautionné
  • 16-Type of Security (if going non-bonded to bonded)
    • Customs Bond
    • Other
  • 17-Name and address of guarantee company
  • 18-Bond no.
  • 19-Amount
  • 20-Are you applying to become a participant in the Marine Overland Movement Program?
    • No
    • Yes
    • If Yes, list CBSA and warehouse information below.
    • Port(s) of discharge
    • CBSA Sufferance Warehouse - City
    • Sufferance Warehouse-City Name
    • Warehouse Sub-Locator Code
  • 21-Authorize a Third Party for Carrier Program - Identify the company name and contact within the company that you are authorizing to act on your behalf in all matters relating to the application for a carrier code. This authorization is valid until written notice is received from the applicant company.
    • Legal Business Name
    • Operating Name
    • Contact Person Name
    • Title
    • Telephone
    • Cell Phone No.
    • Facsimile
    • E-mail address
  • 22-Certification (As an authorized officer of the applicant company,)
    • Print name of authorized person
    • Signature of authorized person
    • Date
    • Direct e-mail of authorized person

Privacy Statement - The information you provide in this document is collected under the authority of Section 12(2) of the Customs Act and Section 4 of the Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations for the purposes of verifying applicant's identities to conduct carrier operations in Canada. The information may be disclosed to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) - Programs Branch for the purposes of program evaluation, security and reporting purposes. Carrier client's information may also be disclosed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for the purposes of locating an individual in order to collect a debt owing to Her Majesty in right of Canada. The information may also be disclosed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and/or to investigative bodies specified in the Privacy Regulations - upon the written request - for the purposes of law enforcement/investigation.

Under the law, failure to provide the information requested on this form may result in the rejection of the application. Individuals have the right of access to and the protection and correction of their personal information under the Privacy Act - Section 12. The information collected is described under the Carrier and Cargo Program Personal Information Bank CBSA PPU 045 which is detailed at


Field 1 - Carrier Code - Record your existing carrier code.

Field 2 - Legal Business Name - The legally registered name of the company.

Field 3 - Operating Name - Record other names of the company other than the legal name, if applicable.

Field 5 - Office Address - The complete address where the company's head office is physically located, including postal or zip code

Field 6 - Mailing Address - The complete address for all correspondence related to the application.

Field 7 - Name and title of contact(s) - The contact person for enquires related to this application.
The contact must be an employee of the company, not an agent.

Field 12 - CRA Business Number - The Business Number is a 15 character identifier issued by Canada Revenue Agency (e.g. 12345678RM001). For additional information please visit the CRA web site at

Field 13/14 - Company ownership type – Carriers that do not have proof of company ownership documents on file with the CBSA carrier code program will be asked to provide a photocopy of the Articles of Incorporation or business registration document. If the company is a sole proprietor, a photocopy of government issued photo identification of the proprietor is required. Non-incorporated partnerships must provide their business registration listing all partners. Documents must be provided in either English or French. Marine carriers may use their International Maritime Organization (IMO) Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number assigned by IHS Fairplay as proof of ownership ( The CBSA may request additional information if required to confirm legal identity. If you are unsure as to whether the CBSA has the required documentation on file, please contact the Commercial Registration Unit.

Field 16 - Type of Security - Please complete this section if you are going from non-bonded to bonded. General policies and procedures relating to the posting of security for participating in Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) bonded transactions can be found on the CBSA website at within Memorandum D1-7-1 Posting Security for Transacting Bonded Operations. Surety and Financial Institution bonds are to be made on form D120 Customs Bond A sample of form D120 and completion instructions are available in D1-7-1.

Field 17 - Name and address of guarantee company - When surety bonds are posted as security, provide the full, legal registered name and address of the guarantee company or financial institution that issued the bond.

Field 18 - Bond no. - If applicable, indicate the bond number of the Customs Bond.

Field 19 - Amount - Provide the amount of security

Field 20 - Marine overland movement - Only needed for bonded carriers who will wish to forward freight in bond from a Canadian seaport(s) overland to a Canadian destination(s) for clearance or exportation without re-manifesting to a forwarding rail or highway carrier. The marine carrier must provide the port(s) of discharge and the address of the warehouse or terminal which the carrier or agent wishes to have authorized under the overland movement privilege. These are the locations to which the goods are to be forwarded for customs clearance.

Field 21 - Third Party Consent - Complete only if you wish to nominate a 3rd party representative to act on behalf of the applicant in all matters concerning the application. If named, the address and contact information for the 3rd party must be indicated.

Field 22 - Certification - An authorized officer who represents the company with legal signing authority. Authorized officers include: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), President, Vice President, Executive Director, Owner, Partner or Director, or anyone within the corporation who has the authority and power to represent and legally bind a party to a written agreement. In the case of a sole proprietor, only the owner may sign.

1-866-749-6623 (Canada & U.S. only)
613-960-1702 (Outside Canada & U.S.)

Commercial Registration
Canada Border Services Agency
191 Laurier Avenue West, 12th floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L8

Continuation Sheet

  • 7-Name and title of contact(s)
  • Telephone no.
  • Cell phone no.


  • Port(s) of discharge - name
  • CBSA Sufferance Warehouse - City
  • Sufferance Warehouse-City Name
  • Warehouse Sub-Locator Code
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