CANPASS is a suite of programs that speed up border crossings for frequent, low-risk, pre-approved travellers from the United States into Canada, and in the case of CANPASS Air, from anywhere in the world when entering Canada.

Validity and cost

Program Fee Valid for
CANPASS Air Can$50 One year
CANPASS - Corporate Aircraft Can$40 Five years
CANPASS - Private Aircraft Can$40 Five years
CANPASS - Private Boats Can$40 Five years

You must pay using Visa, MasterCard and American Express, or send a certified cheque or money order in Canadian funds payable to the Receiver General for Canada. Do not send cash.

Choose the mode of CANPASS that best suits you

Air travel

If you are travelling by air, there are three different CANPASS programs available to you.

Marine travel

Do you travel by private pleasure boat? If so, the CANPASS – Private Boats program for marine travel could be for you.

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