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CANPASS is a series of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) programs that expedites the border clearance process for frequent, low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada. Choose which mode of CANPASS best suits you:

Air travel

If you are travelling by air, there are three different CANPASS programs available to you to expedite your border clearance process.

If you often fly into Canada by commercial airline.

CANPASS – Corporate Aircraft
If your company operates aircraft that frequently flies directly into Canada from the United States.

CANPASS – Private Aircraft
If you operate a private aircraft that often flies directly into Canada from the United States.

Marine travel

Do you frequently travel to Canada directly from the United States on a small private pleasure boat? If so, one of the CANPASS programs for marine travel could be for you.

CANPASS – Private Boats
If you often enter Canada from the United States in a private pleasure boat.

CANPASS – Remote Area Border Crossing
If you cross the border at remote areas in Ontario from Pigeon River through to and including Lake of the Woods, the Canadian shore of Lake Superior, Cockburn Island and Sault Ste. Marie (upper lock system).

CANPASS program member responsibilities

As a CANPASS program member, whether you are the person in charge of the boat/aircraft, a member of the crew or a passenger, you must meet these responsibilities:

  • You must carry with you at all times, and show to a border services officer upon request, your CANPASS authorization, personal identification and any required immigration documents (original documents);
  • You must not transfer your CANPASS privileges, identification or documents; and
  • You must comply with all the rules and requirements in your CANPASS participant's guide and with all the terms and conditions stated on your CANPASS authorization.
  • Reasons for Suspension or Cancellation
  • All CANPASS participants agree to be subject to random inspections.

Contact information

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