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Submitting information to the Canada Border Services Agency in a Special Imports and Measures Act proceeding

For parties participating in Special Import Measures Act (SIMA) proceedings

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Submitting information to the CBSA in a SIMA proceeding including link to confidential (protected) and non-confidential (public) submission sample

This sample submission has been prepared to provide stakeholders with a visual example of the disclosure requirements when submitting information to the CBSA.

Note:This sample submission is being provided for reference purposes only and to illustrate the proper application of the disclosure guidelines. This sample is not intended to be reproduced, copied or used as a template.

Parties are required to review and consult with the Confidentiality and disclosure guidelines for SIMA proceedings before submitting any information to the CBSA and ensure that their submission complies fully with sections 85-87 of the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA).

When providing information to the CBSA

Please ensure that each document is labelled confidential (protected) or non-confidential (public) on every page within the document and within the electronic title. This will aid in the filing of your information with the SIMA Registry and Disclosure Unit, and avoid any confusion regarding the intended treatment of your information.

If not already included in your submission, you are required to complete and submit a signed Certificate of veracity, accuracy and completeness. If you are including confidential information in your submission, a signed Designation of confidential information is required.

Method of submitting your information

Please submit your information to the SIMA Registry and Disclosure Unit.

Individual emails cannot exceed an email capacity of 10 MB. If you submit by way of secure file transfer or electronic portal, please note that the CBSA does not accept any risk, responsibility or liability for the use of secure file transfer providers or e-platforms, nor do we recommend one provider over another as the CBSA cannot guarantee the confidentiality of documents uploaded to third party servers.

Note: Hard copies are not required.

All SIMA related correspondence to the CBSA should be sent via email to Email is not secure, and has a 10MB file transfer size limitation.

For protected information and files larger than 10MB, please contact us via email to make arrangements on how to submit your information.

Structure of your submission

The following is the suggested structure when providing information to the CBSA:

  1. Cover page/letter
  2. Supporting document(s) index sample
  3. Narrative response
  4. Supporting documents in order to which they appear on your listing of supporting documents and/or exhibit listing

A sample submission has been compiled in the order above as an example for those submitting information to the CBSA in an ongoing SIMA proceeding.


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