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Note: The CBSA is currently reviewing our existing publications. Over the next few months, publications will be removed from our site. This may result in broken links in the remaining publications or on website pages. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Number Title Updated
BSF5012 Information for People Detained Under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2015-09-04
BSF5018 Commercial Driver Registration Program Participant's Guide 2013-09-19
BSF5023 Guide for Transporters - Obligations under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act 2011-04-11
BSF5038 Commercial Driver Registration Program 2013-11-13
BSF5051 Border Information Service (BIS) 2011-10-04
BSF5056 ARCHIVED - I Declare 2013-02-07
BSF5058 CANPASS – Private Boats 2009-02-09
BSF5064 CANPASS - Private Aircraft Participant's Guide 2013-08-07
BSF5065 CANPASS - Corporate Aircraft Participant's Guide 2013-09-12
BSF5069 FAST - Commercial Driver Program Participant's Guide 2014-01-10
BSF5070 FAST - Commercial Driver Program Information and Application Form 2014-01-10
BSF5071 When the Canada Border Services Agency Gives You a Warning 2010-11-23
BSF5077 Returning to Canada? 2009-01-15
BSF5079 ARCHIVED - Importing Commercial Goods Into Canada 2013-08-14
BSF5082 ARCHIVED - Visitors to Canada and Other Temporary Residents 2012-12-05
BSF5083 ARCHIVED - What to Expect From a NAFTA Verification 2009-04-09
BSF5084 NEXUS: Information and Application Form 2014-01-15
BSF5092 Importing Non-Commercial Goods by Mail 2009-02-04
BSF5113 ARCHIVED - Immigrating or Returning to Live in Canada 2012-06-01
BSF5124 Our Service Commitment 2013-09-20
BSF5134 Canada Border Services Agency: International Capacity Building Program 2011-03-23
BSF5139 CANPASS – Private Aircraft 2013-09-09
BSF5140 CANPASS – Corporate Aircraft 2013-09-20
BSF5146 What to Expect: Secondary Services and Inspections 2012-01-19
BSF5156 What you need to know about Customs Controlled Areas 2016-04-27




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