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The Commercial Driver Registration Program

About the Program

The Commercial Driver Registration Program (CDRP) is designed to streamline the customs clearance process for commercial freight transporters into Canada from the United States. This program offers efficient and effective clearance to low-risk goods and pre-approved importers, carriers and commercial drivers.

The CDRP is one of three components required for membership in the Customs Self-Assessment program (CSA), which involves:

CDRP registered drivers are entitled to carry goods for carriers who participate in the CSA program.

Program Benefits

  • Expedited border crossing into Canada:
    • CDRP members crossing the border with pre-approved CSA goods are able to enter Canada on most occasions with minimal questions. (Drivers must comply with certain program obligations and present a CDRP photo registration card to the CBSA officer at the border)
  • Simplified personal declaration process:
    • Registered drivers who are residents of Canada may make personal declarations by completing a Travellers Declaration Card.
    • Have applicable personal duties and taxes billed to a personal credit card, if required.
  • Extended participation in other programs:
    • CDRP approved drivers can also apply to participate in the FAST Program which provides dedicated lanes (where available) in Canada and the US and accelerated customs and immigration processing

Program Eligibility

Only the following may apply for the CDRP:

  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status, or
  • Citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States who meets the normal visitor requirements (good health and able to support yourself while in Canada).

To qualify for CDRP, applicants must:

  • Provide true and complete information on the application;
  • Be admissible to Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and have no criminal record which has not been pardoned;
  • Not have violated customs or immigration laws;
  • Be deemed to be of good character, meaning that the CBSA is confident you will comply with program obligations.

Note: Alcohol-related driving offences, such as driving while intoxicated, driving while ability-impaired, and driving under the influence of alcohol, are criminal offences in Canada.

As CDRP participating members, drivers are required to adhere to a number of responsibilities and requirements to maintain their membership.

What happens if you have a criminal record but have not received a pardon?

United States citizens and lawful permanent residents who are inadmissible to Canada because of a criminal record can be considered for acceptance in the CDRP under the CIC's Rehabilitation Program. For more information on the CIC's admissibility and criminal rehabilitation processes, contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the Canadian Embassy or the Canadian consulate office nearest you.

Canadian citizens and legal permanent residents who have committed certain offences must obtain a pardon to qualify for the CDRP. Information on the pardon process is available from the National Parole Board.