Canada Border Services Agency
Symbol of the Government of Canada

Information for Importers

Information for businesses that import commercial goods into Canada.

Importing Goods into Canada

Accounting for your shipment
Invoices, import permits, Certificate of Origin, Duty Deferral Program, international trade agreements

Examining your shipment
Why goods are examined

Registering your business
Business number, import/export account

Release of your shipment
Release programs, posting security, transaction number

Reporting your shipment
Required documents

Storing your shipment
Sufferance and bonded warehouses

Importing by Mail
How the process work

Importer Resources

Advance Rulings for Tariff Classification

Dispute Resolution
Appeal rights, self-adjustment

Electronic Commerce
Electronically sending commercial data to the CBSA

Food, Plant and Animal Inspections

Importer programs
Customs Self Assessment Program, OGD Single Window Interface

Service Providers

Cargo Control and Sufferance Warehouse Modernization
Information on cargo control and sufferance warehouse modernization

Carrier programs
Carrier and Cargo Policy

Duty-free Shops
Information on the licensing process

Licensed customs brokers
Information on hiring an agent and the licensing process