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From: Canadian Border Services Agency

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is committed to providing the best possible service, which includes helping you know what to expect when you arrive at the Canadian border.

Attention ArriveCAN users

Travellers using ArriveCAN must identify:

  • how they are entering Canada (for example, by air, land or sea) and
  • where they are entering Canada (port of entry)

If your precise travel details do not appear in the app, select any available option. This will allow you to continue to the next screen, complete your submission and enter Canada.

Services and information

Travelling with a disability

Request assistance, border clearance process, completing your declaration, special services counter.

Border reminder checklist

Steps to follow when crossing the border and making your declaration.

Moving or returning to Canada

Identification, making a declaration, bringing goods across the border and more.

COVID-19: Travel, testing and borders

Who can come to Canada, testing and quarantine requirements, transiting and more.

Travelling with minors

Bring the right identification and citizenship documents to the border for yourself and your family.

Travelling with pets

Declaration of animals, permits and certificates, pets, commercial and service dogs and exotic pets.

Travel documents

Acceptable documents, establishing your personal identity, your citizenship and other important information.

Plan your trip across the border

Border wait times, reporting requirements, tips to improve your experience crossing the border.

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