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Apply for a security screening: Step 1. Who must apply

You must obtain a valid security screening in order to be considered for employment with the Government of Canada. Security screening is for:

Note: if you are applying to the Officer Induction Training Program (OTIP), please refer to our application information for border service officers instead of the information on this page.

When to apply

Submit a security screening application form if you are:

Levels of security screening

Reliability status is for access to protected information and assets, and to operations zones. It is the minimum security status and is valid for 10 years.

Secret and top secret security clearance is for access to classified information and assets, and to security zones. Secret clearance is valid for 10 years. Top secret clearance is valid for 5 years. Top secret is the highest clearance.

Before you apply, a hiring official will send you an email that confirms:

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