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From: Canada Border Services Agency

Before you apply, there are a few things you will need for the selection process to become a border services officer.

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You must provide proof of all prerequisites during the selection process. To avoid delays in your candidacy, we highly recommend you have your documents ready before you apply.

  1. Canadian citizenship or permanent residency
  2. A secondary school diploma or an employer-approved alternative

    Graduates with a university degree or a 2-year college diploma from a program like criminology, law, security, psychology, sociology or policing complement the training and development program and may be considered an asset.

    The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) recognizes foreign education credentials that are comparable to Canadian standards. Visit the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials for more information.

  3. Valid driver's license

    A valid driver's license must be a full driver's license, without restrictions. We cannot accept a license with provincial graduated licensing restrictions.

Personal decision

When you apply to the CBSA Officer Trainee – Developmental selection process, you need to be aware that you are committing to accept a posting anywhere in Canada. This may include rural and remote areas. You need to fully understand the commitment you are making and embrace the opportunity on a personal and professional level.

The duty placement process determines your initial posting. This process is transparent, unbiased and equal. You may indicate your preference. However, there is a chance you may be assigned to an area of Canada that is new to you.

Please consult the Directory of CBSA Offices for information regarding potential postings.

Security screening questionnaire

The CBSA must ensure that those interested in applying, meet the security level required to become an officer trainee and eventually, a border services officer.

This test is a personal and preliminary tool that can help you determine if pursuing a spot in the CBSA Officer Trainee Developmental Program is the right choice for you.

Take the questionnaire
Select all checkboxes that apply.

As a law enforcement agency, the CBSA aims to hire candidates that uphold the highest standards of ethics and values. If any checkbox has been selected, be prepared to discuss it further during an integrity interview.

Second Language Self-assessment tests

Bilingual positions require a working knowledge of both official languages (French and English). To qualify for bilingual positions, you must be able to speak, read, and write in your second official language at the intermediate level (BBB). Get an idea of the level you could obtain when taking the reading comprehension and written expression tests by completing the self-assessment tests.

How to apply

When a selection process opens, apply through Government of Canada Jobs.

Create an account and subscribe to email alerts to be notified when a selection process opens.

Please note these positions may be advertised for a short period, so if you don't subscribe to alerts, check the site often.

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