Programs and Services

Keeping Canada's border open to travel and trade but closed to crime requires the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to manage border operations effectively.

The CBSA delivers a variety of programs and services for people (travellers, settlers, etc.) and for goods (commercial trade). Some programs and services are designed to help travellers and trade enter Canada smoothly, while others are focused on enforcing laws and keeping threats to our safety and health out of Canada.

To enhance the CBSA's ability to stop potential threats from entering Canada, the CBSA uses a variety of technologies and initiatives to detect contraband and prohibited or restricted goods.

People (Traveller) Programs

The CBSA works to promote the free flow of low-risk travellers, into and out of Canada, while ensuring that security measures are in place to stop and remove potential threats.

Travel made smoother

CBSA's border services at airports

The government of Canada is implementing a new policy framework for air services that is fair, transparent and flexible.

Core Services Review
Air Services Policy Framework, Air Mode Report and related information.


Automated Border Clearance is a secure and innovative service designed to accelerate border processing for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada.

The CBSA has pre-approval programs for travellers, who frequently travel into and out of Canada. Participants in these programs benefit from smooth and quick travel, because Canadian and U.S. border officers will have interviewed and security screened them during the application process.

    NEXUS is designed to expedite the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travellers into Canada and the United States.
    Programs to streamline customs and immigration clearance for low-risk, pre-screened travellers.

Information Resources

Information on Canadian requirements for travelling into or out of Canada.

  • Travellers
    Provides information for travellers returning to, travelling through, or coming to Canada.
  • Postal Program
    Deals with all customs-related matters in terms of the clearance of international mail--both casual and commercial shipments--coming into Canada.
  • International Events in Canada
    Provides support and guidance as you plan the entry into Canada for your sporting competition, political summit, global congregation, convention, meeting, trade show, or exhibition.

Goods (Commercial Trade) Programs

The CBSA delivers a number of programs to facilitate trade with industry at home and abroad, while implementing programs and initiatives to ensure the security and integrity of the trade system.

Smoother border clearance

The CBSA offers a variety of pre-approval programs to industry.

  • Commercial Driver Registration Program (CDRP)
    The CDRP is designed to streamline the customs clearance process for commercial freight transporters coming into Canada from the United States.
  • Customs Self Assessment Program (CSA)
    The CSA program gives approved importers the benefits of a streamlined accounting and payment process for all imported goods.
  • Free and Secure Trade (FAST)
    FAST facilitates moving pre-approved eligible goods across the border and verifying trade compliance away from the border.
  • Partners in Protection
    This program enlists industry partners to share the responsibility of securing the supply chain.
  • Advance Commercial Information
    The program introduces more effective risk management processes and tools to help identify threats to the health, safety, and security of Canadians in the supply chain before they reach Canadian air and marine ports.
  • eManifest
    eManifest is the third phase of the ACI program. The project will expand ACI requirements to all highway and rail commercial carriers, and will also require importers and freight forwarders to report electronically for all modes.

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Information Resources

Border information for importing/exporting commercial goods into or out of Canada.

  • Exporters
    Information to clarify the reporting requirements so that exporters meet their obligations under the Customs Act.
  • Importers
    Information for businesses that import commercial goods into Canada.
  • Postal Program
    Deals with all customs-related matters in terms of the clearance of international mail--both personal and commercial shipments--coming into Canada.
  • Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Centre (SME Centre)
    Resources to meet the border and trade information needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and those new to importing or exporting.

Serving Our Clients

In striving to ensure that the CBSA continues to deliver service that reflects this kind of professionalism and integrity, the CBSA has developed a Service Strategy. This Strategy will strengthen the CBSA's culture of service, simplify and streamline how the CBSA and clients interact, and increase the CBSA's accountability through the development of service standards.