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Avoid the line at the border: Access immigration services online

Need to renew your work or study permit? Extend your temporary resident status? Confirm your permanent residence? Many immigration services are available online. You do not need to come to a port of entry (official border crossing) for most immigration services if you plan ahead.

Access immigration services online

If you apply online to renew your work or study permit in advance, you may receive your new one in the mail before the current one expires. If your current permit expires while you are waiting for your new one to be processed, you can continue to work or study as you will have "maintained status."

Services available online:

Find an Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) application or form now.

To provide your biometric information, please book an appointment using the eServiceCanada Appointment Booking Tool or find a collection site near you.

More information: Immigration and citizenship

Immigration services at the border

Some temporary residents of Canada leave Canada and re-enter within 24 hours to receive immigration services. This practice is known as "flagpoling."

If you decide to come to a port of entry for immigration services, you may find long lineups and your turn may not come before the end of service hours. We highly recommend you use IRCC's online services.

Locations and hours for obtaining immigration services

If you come to the border to "flagpole" (obtain immigration services that are available online through IRCC), you must respect the limited hours for services at the following ports of entry:

Quebec region

Saint Armand/Philipsburg

Saint Bernard-de-Lacolle

Southern Ontario region

Fort Erie (Peace Bridge)

Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge

Queenston-Lewiston Bridge

You can find hours of service for all ports of entry in our Directory of offices and services.

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