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Notice of retroactive Special Imports Measures Act assessments: Line pipe 2 (LP2)


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (Tribunal) are jointly responsible for administering the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), which helps protect Canadian industry from material injury caused by the dumping and subsidizing of imported goods.

On the Tribunal issued an injury finding pursuant to subsection 43(1) of SIMA following the CBSA’s final determination made pursuant to paragraph 41(1)(b) of SIMA, with respect to certain carbon and alloy steel line pipe originating in or exported from the Republic of Korea. As a result, goods imported into Canada of the same description as the goods named in the Tribunal’s finding of injury or threat of injury are subject to anti-dumping duty pursuant to subsection 3(1) of SIMA.

The CBSA advises exporters of goods subject to a SIMA finding that they must inform the CBSA of changes to their domestic prices, costs, terms of sale, and market conditions associated with the goods and should adjust their selling prices to Canada accordingly. Failure to do so may result in the retroactive assessment of anti-dumping duty.

On , the CBSA initiated a re-investigation as part of the CBSA’s enforcement of the Tribunal’s injury finding to update normal values, export prices, and to establish values for new exporters or new models.

Based on the analysis of information collected during the re-investigation, the CBSA determined that certain exporters did not notify the CBSA in a timely manner of changes to certain conditions as required and failed to adjust their selling prices accordingly. As a result, the CBSA issued retroactive assessments of $ 6.1 million in anti-dumping duty on subject goods released into Canada from to to ensure full compliance under SIMA.

For more information on the policy for the conduct of re-investigations, please refer to Memorandum D14-1-8.

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