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Carbon steel welded pipe 2: Measures in force

Dumping (Chinese Taipei, India, Oman, South Korea, Thailand and United Arab Emirates) and subsidizing (India)

Measure in force code (MIF code)


Product information

Product definition

Carbon steel welded pipe, commonly identified as standard pipe, in the nominal size range from 1/2 inch up to and including 6 inches (12.7 mm to 168.3 mm in outside diameter) inclusive, in various forms and finishes, usually supplied to meet ASTM A53, ASTM A135, ASTM A252, ASTM A589, ASTM A795, ASTM F1083 or Commercial Quality, or AWWA C200-97 or equivalent specifications, including water well casing, piling pipe, sprinkler pipe and fencing pipe, but excluding oil and gas line pipe made to API specifications exclusively, originating in or exported from Chinese Taipei (excluding goods exported from Chinese Taipei by Chung Hung Steel Corporation and Shin Yang Steel Co. Ltd), the Republic of India, the Sultanate of Oman, the Republic of Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates (excluding goods exported from the United Arab Emirates by Conares Metal Supply Ltd.).


  • 1 mm thick carbon steel tubing (SPCC-1, 25.6 mm in outside diameter), double coated (first coated with acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, then with polyvinyl chloride) and
  • non-galvanized, ASTM A53, Grade B, Schedule 80 pipe, with an inside diameter of 1 ¼ inches to 1 ½ inches, in 22-ft. lengths, with the inside weld scarfed, originating in/or exported from the Republic of Korea, and produced with AISI C1022M steel with a carbon content of 0.18 percent to 0.23 percent and a manganese content of 0.80 percent to 1.00 percent

Investigation information

The dates of the proceedings concerning this case are:

Action Date
Initiation of Investigation May 14, 2012
Preliminary Determination August 13, 2012
Final Determination November 9, 2012
Canadian International Trade Tribunal's Findings December 11, 2012
Re-Investigation May 7, 2013
Review of the final determination of dumping with respect to Chinese Taipei September 29, 2017
Canadian International Trade Tribunal's Review of Finding December 8, 2017
Expiry Review Determination May 7, 2018
Canadian International Trade Tribunal's Order
Normal value review: Sahathai Steel
Normal value review: UTP
Expedited Review: KD Industries Inc.
Expiry review determination

Tariff classification numbers

Beginning January 1, 2022, under the revised customs tariff schedule, subject goods are normally classified under the following tariff classification numbers:

  • 7306.30.00.42
  • 7306.30.00.43
  • 7306.30.00.44
  • 7306.30.00.45
  • 7306.30.00.46
  • 7306.30.00.47
  • 7306.30.00.49
  • 7306.30.00.52
  • 7306.30.00.53
  • 7306.30.00.54
  • 7306.30.00.55
  • 7306.30.00.56
  • 7306.30.00.57
  • 7306.30.00.59
  • 7306.30.00.62
  • 7306.30.00.63
  • 7306.30.00.64
  • 7306.30.00.65
  • 7306.30.00.66
  • 7306.30.00.67
  • 7306.30.00.69

Please note that these tariff classification numbers may apply to goods which are not subject to the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA) measures, may change because of amendments to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff, or the subject goods may be imported under tariff classification numbers that are not listed. Refer to the product definition for the authoritative details regarding the subject goods.

Refer to the product definition for the authoritative details regarding the subject goods. For more information on the tariff classification numbers, please refer to the Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.

Duty liability (anti-dumping duties)

Country of origin or export: Chinese Taipei, India, Oman, Republic of Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates

The following table identifies the exporters who currently have been issued normal values. Please refer to the Normal value model ID table for information relating to model IDs, model descriptions and units of measure. Information regarding the normal values of subject goods should be obtained from the exporter. Please note that model information is posted only for exporters who have successfully enrolled in an Exporter ID.

Country Exporter Exporter ID Cooperative since Last revised
Oman Al Jazeera Steel Products Co. SAOG 773963558RM0001
Thailand Saha Thai Steel Company Limited 729306704RM0001
United Arab Emirates Ajmal Steel Tubes and Pipes Industries L.L.C. 773075957RM0001
KD Industries Inc. 792504359RM0001
TSI Metal Industries LLC 700810419RM0001
Universal Tube & Plastic Industries Ltd. 736745332RM0002

For importations of subject goods originating in or exported from India, Oman, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, and the United Arab Emirates, for which the exporter has not been issued specific normal values, the anti-dumping duty is equal to 54.2% of the export price.

For importations of subject goods originating in or exported from Chinese Taipei, for which the exporter has not been issued specific normal values, the anti-dumping duty is equal to 29.6% of the export price.

Imports of subject goods from the following exporters are not subject to anti-dumping duties:

Country Exporter Exporter ID Finding/order discontinued
Chinese Taipei Chung Hung Steel Corporation 778163808RM0001
Shin Yang Steel Co., Ltd. 788315703RM0001
United Arab Emirates Conares Metal Supply Ltd. 888801206RM0002

Duty liability (countervailing duties)

Country of origin or export: India

No exporters in India received a specific amount of subsidy in the most recent re-investigation.

For importations of subject goods originating in/or exported from India for which the exporter has not been issued its own amount of subsidy, the countervailing duty is equal to 23,872 INR per metric tonne.

Disclosure of Normal Values and Amounts of Subsidy

The liability for anti-dumping and countervailing duty results from the proceedings conducted under SIMA and from the finding of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT). Information regarding the normal value and amount of subsidy of the subject goods in question and the amount of anti-dumping and countervailing duty payable should be obtained from the exporter. Related information may be made available to importers on a need-to-know basis in accordance with the provisions of Memorandum D14-1-2, Disclosure of Normal Values, Export Prices, and Amounts of Subsidy Established Under the Special Import Measures Act.

For information on duty assessment, refer to the Guide for self-assessing SIMA duties.

Information Required on Customs Documents

The import documentation should include the information listed below. Failure to provide this information may result in the application of penalties to the importer, pursuant to the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).

The import documentation should clearly indicate the following:

  • Harmonized System (HS) classification number
  • Confirmation whether the product is subject to anti-dumping and countervailing duties
  • Exporter ID
  • Name and address of producer/manufacturer
  • Location of plant/mill of production
  • Place from which direct shipment to Canada began
  • Name and address of vendor (if different from the producer)
  • Country of origin
  • Country of export
  • Canadian customer's name and address
  • Canadian importer's name and address (if different from the customer)
  • Full product description
    • Model ID
    • Model description
    • Product name and/or number
    • Product grade and specification
    • Dimension (nominal size) and wall thickness
    • Pipe finish
    • End finish
  • Date of sale, date of shipment
  • Quantity (state unit of measure – e.g. kg, metric tonne)
  • Unit selling price and total selling price to importer in Canada
  • Currency of settlement used (e.g. US$, CDN$, etc.)
  • Terms and conditions of sale (e.g. FOB, CIF, etc.) and,
  • All costs, expenses, and charges incurred by the exporter and vendor in the shipment of the subject goods to Canada (includes inland and ocean freight, insurance, duties, port and handling charges, etc.)

Appeal decisions relating to subjectivity

Summaries of appeal decisions made by the CBSA respecting whether an imported good is subject to this measure in force can be found on the President-level re-determinations page.

Email for subjectivity opinions and duty assessment questions

Important Prior to submitting a subjectivity opinion request, please review the “detailed product information”. Each request must be supported with essential information including, but not limited to, pictures, mill certificates, measurements, origin of the goods, etc. in relation to the specific product in question.

Failure to provide sufficient information will result in a rejection of the request by the CBSA.

CITT reference number(s)

  • NQ-2012-003
  • NQ-2012-003R
  • RR-2017-005
  • RR-2023-003
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