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DP 2022 IN: Drill pipe
Notice of initiation of investigations


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) initiated investigations on March 25, 2022, under the Special Import Measures Act respecting the alleged injurious dumping and subsidizing of certain drill pipe from China. The investigations follows a complaint filed by Command Drilling Products Ltd. (Nisku, Alberta).

The subject goods are usually classified under the following tariff classification numbers:

In some instances, imports of the subject goods may also be classified under the tariff classification numbers:

The product definition is contained in Appendix 1.

The CBSA will investigate whether the imports are being dumped and/or subsidized and will make preliminary decisions within 90 days, at which time provisional duties may apply.

Additional information about the investigations will be available in a Statement of Reasons that will be available within 15 days.

Officers’ names and contact information:


Appendix 1: Product definition

The subject goods are defined as:

Drill pipe, including heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP), meeting or manufactured to American Petroleum Institute (API) 5DP or API 7-1 specifications, or comparable or proprietary standards, in all grades (including proprietary or enhanced grades), made of carbon or alloy steel, in nominal sizes of 2⅜” (outside diameter 60.3 mm) to 7 ⅝” (outside diameter 193.7 mm) (with all dimensions being plus or minus allowable tolerances contained in the applicable standards), in any length, originating in or exported from the People’s Republic of China (China).

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