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Tariff Classification of Automotive Door Assemblies and Stampings Under Subheading 8708.29
Memorandum D10-14-22

Ottawa, May 12, 2014

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In Brief

  • The editing revisions made in this memorandum do not affect or change any of the existing policies or procedures.

This memorandum outlines and explains the tariff classification of automotive door assemblies and stampings under subheading 8708.29 of the Customs Tariff.


- Other parts and accessories of bodies (including cabs):

8708.29 - - Other

- - - Stampings:

8708.29.11 - - - - For the tractors of tariff item No. 8701.10.10, 8701.30.00 or 8701.90.00

8708.29.19 - - - - Other

8708.29.20 - - - Door assemblies

Guidelines and General Information

1.  Tariff item 8708.29.20 covers all doors for motor vehicles of headings 87.01 to 87.05 inclusive. It includes both complete and incomplete door assemblies with the exception of the units that are merely made up of the inner and outer stampings that are crimped together. These crimped units are classified as stampings under either tariff item 8708.29.11 (“For the tractors of tariff items 8701.10.10, 8701.30.00 or 8701.90.00”) or 8708.29.19 (“Other”), as appropriate.

2.  Door assemblies may incorporate such elements as interior crash bars, manual or power window mechanisms, and manual or electric locking systems. Interior decorative panelling may or may not be incorporated. The door assemblies may also include both handles and hinges for immediate installation on the motor vehicle body.

3.   The stampings provided for under tariff items 8708.29.11 and 8708.29.19 cover all automotive body stampings (with the exception of bumper and bumper part stampings, which are classified under subheading 8708.10). This includes goods that may be in the form of single automotive stampings whether or not they are coated or have been otherwise further worked, such as when they are welded together with other stampings. Examples of units classified under these tariff items include:

4. Under no circumstances should door assemblies or stampings for motor vehicles of headings 87.01 to 87.05 inclusive be classified under either tariff item 8708.29.91 or 8708.29.99.

5. Body parts of moulded artificial plastic are not to be classified as stampings. If the moulded plastic body parts are not specifically provided elsewhere in the Customs Tariff, they are to be classified under either tariff item 8708.29.91 or 8708.29.99.

6. This memorandum only applies to the tariff classification of door assemblies and stampings under subheading 8708.29 of the Customs Tariff. It has no bearing on the administration of tariff item 9962.00.00.

Additional Information

7. For certainty regarding the tariff classification of a particular good, importers may request an advance ruling. Details on how to make such a request are found in Memorandum D11-11-3, Advance Rulings for Tariff Classification.

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HS 8708.29
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Customs Tariff
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D10-14-22 dated February 2, 1998
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