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NEXUS members

Consult United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Appeals if your membership has been revoked by U.S. CBP.

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COVID-19 update: Temporary closures

Visit COVID-19: Current border measures and requirements for information about the temporary closure of NEXUS and FAST enrollment centres, rescheduling appointments and membership renewals.

Your membership in NEXUS is valid for five years. Please note that a streamlined renewal process is now in place. It is no longer necessary for the majority of renewing members who have not had changes to their information and have maintained their low-risk status to attend an interview.

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Renewal fee

For each five-year NEXUS membership, there is a non-refundable processing fee of US$50 per applicant. Membership renewal for eligible children under the age of 18 is free of charge.

Please note: online applications are processed in U.S. currency only.

Your membership is valid until the expiry date indicated on your NEXUS card. If your membership card does not have an expiry date, please call one of the following Canadian processing centres.


You can use your NEXUS membership card whether you travel in the air, land or marine mode of transportation.

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