Indigenous recruitment

Currently, we are looking to employ more Indigenous border services officers, non-uniformed employees, and leaders.

The Government of Canada prioritizes reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. Therefore, the CBSA is committed to becoming a leading organization that respects, cooperates and partners with First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. We are also working on becoming a workplace of choice for Indigenous people, recognizing the valuable and unique contribution they bring to the agency.


Services and information

Indigenous Affairs Secretariat

Our mandate is to help build a culture where Indigenous affairs are at the forefront of CBSA considerations, both as a workplace and as a border enforcement agency.

Indigenous Student Employment opportunities

Find part-time and full-time career opportunities in a variety of areas.

Student border services officers

Take this opportunity to work alongside border services officers across Canada. Find out about when to apply, work locations, training and more.


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