Indigenous recruitment

We are committed to creating a diverse workforce and to hiring candidates with unique experiences and voices. As the Agency works towards becoming a leading organization that engages, respects, cooperates and partners with Indigenous Peoples, we are looking to employ more Indigenous border services officers and non-uniformed Indigenous employees.

The CBSA recognizes the unique perspectives that Indigenous employees bring to the Agency. Efforts are underway to increase the knowledge and understanding that all employees have of Indigenous history and culture, with an emphasis on how that knowledge can be applied in client service and in employee relationships.


Services and Information

Indigenous Affairs Secretariat

Providing an Indigenous lens and guidance on all matters relating to how the Agency’s people, policies, operations and engagement activities affect Indigenous Peoples.

Supporting and promoting diversity across the Agency

Our recruitment activities strive to build a workforce that is representative of the people we serve.

Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity

Full-time work in a variety of different jobs open to Indigenous students.

Student border services officer

Gain work experience while contributing to Canada’s safety.

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