Indigenous Peoples at the CBSA - Hollis Yetman's Story

Hollis saw a great opportunity in becoming a CBSA border services officer. It was important for him to be able to live the lifestyle of his Indigenous ancestors while maintaining his career.

He believes that there are great opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in the Agency.


Hollis: My name is Hollis Yetman. I work at the Port of Goose Bay, in Newfoundland and Labrador and I’m a border services officer.

I was aware of the CBSA here in Goose Bay. I was lucky enough and fortunate that there was an opening here. So after I completed my training, I was posted to Goose Bay.

When I learned about the amount of international traffic that we have here in Goose Bay, the type of aircraft and what not, that was used to travel through here and the opportunity to work with international travelers and work for the federal government was what prompt me to change.

One of the most unique things about working at Goose Bay is that we have international marine traffic that arise at the coast of Labrador.

Generally speaking, they don’t arrive at the Port of Goose Bay, so on occasion, we have to go to these ports.

And one of the ports, places, that the ships come in is at the Torngat Mountains National Park, in northern Labrador. It’s a beautiful, unique place and a very new national park.

In my opinion, the CBSA is open to all peoples and put a strong emphasis on recruiting Indigenous Peoples, and minorities in particular.

I think the opportunities for Indigenous Peoples exist equally, as they do for everybody else.

I’m a member of the Nunatukavut Community Council and I participate in as many activities with the NCC, as possible. I also live the lifestyle.

In Labrador we’re very remote and I’ve been asked before by International travelers, because it’s so remote, like what do you live here?

And I say to them, well I can tell you that I don’t live here for the shopping. I live here for the outdoor activities, the hunting, the lifestyle that have been here for generations.

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