Personnel security screening
Self-assessment questionnaire

The personnel security screening self-assessment questionnaire is a personal and preliminary tool which can help interested candidates determine whether pursuing a career with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in the Officer Trainee program is the right career path for them.

As candidates must meet basic requirements, which are acquired on their own time and at their own expense, it is prudent for candidates to determine whether their character, past and present lifestyle are a good fit for a career with the CBSA.

Note that an intensive investigation will be conducted on each candidate along with an in-depth telephone security integrity interview by the CBSA Security and Professional Standards Directorate personnel.

Answer all questions with a yes or no response

Do you have a criminal record and/or charges pending with any law enforcement agency?

Have you ever been investigated by a law enforcement agency?

Have you used, handled, trafficked, imported or exported any illegal drugs?

Have you ever had a seizure action or any other border related infraction in Canada, USA or any other country?

Have you ever been involved in illegal online activities?

Do you associate with anyone who you know is, or is suspected of being involved in illegal activities?

Have you ever had your employment terminated, suspended and/or have you ever been asked to resign from any previous employment due to illegal or unethical activities?

Is there anything in your past or present that could make you susceptible to be subjected to blackmail/attempted blackmail, coercion or corruption?

Note to Candidates: As a law enforcement agency, the CBSA aims to hire candidates that uphold the highest standards of ethics and values. As such, should you answer "Yes" to any of the questions above please be prepared to discuss it further during an integrity interview. The CBSA needs to ensure that those interested in applying, meet the security level required for that of an Officer trainee positon and eventually a Border Services Officer.

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