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ArriveCAN costs

During the pandemic, ArriveCAN was an effective and necessary tool to collect mandatory health information while facilitating travel. Travellers saved about 5 minutes in line each time they crossed the border by using the app compared to the time it would have taken if officers had to ask all the health questions and review the travellers documents.

The app was downloaded more than 18 million times, and helped protect Canadians and keep them safe. More importantly, it permitted more than 60 million travellers to expedite their border crossing by using this secured platform.

The app is now an optional tool for travellers who want to expedite their border experience. The Advance CBSA Declaration feature of the app can be used to make your customs and immigration declaration in advance and save time at the participating airports.

Border public health measures: ArriveCAN budget

  • $80 thousand to create the initial version of ArriveCAN on Android and iOS
  • $8.8 million (16%) for more than 70 releases of the app and website over a period of 2.5 years to meet changing public health rules. Dev and support of and for 3 versions of the application: one for iPhones, one for Androids and a website for users without smartphones
  • $7.5 million (14%) for the Service Canada call centre which answered, on behalf of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), calls and emails from travellers on COVID health measures
  • $5.2 million (10%) for data management, which was needed for the CBSA and PHAC to collect, report, monitor and ensure compliance with COVID border measures
  • $4.9 million (9%) in indirect costs associated with the project, including employee benefits, accommodations and payments to Shared Services
  • $4.6 million (9%) to develop a proof of vaccination credential to authenticate and verify, in real time, using the industry standard “Smart Health Card,” the traveller’s proof of vaccination delivered by provinces and territories, as well as international ones
  • $4.6 million (9%) for data storage and cloud services to handle 18 million downloads and 30 million submissions over 2.5 years
  • $4.5 million (8%) on IT support for airlines, airports and travellers for the application
  • $4.5 million (8%) on other CBSA IT systems that were built, modified and maintained to support the border health measures with real time linkages to core border administration systems
  • $2.3 million (4%) on security to ensure ArriveCAN meets Government of Canada standards on cyber security
  • $1.7 million (3%) on accessibility to make the application and website accessible for users with disabilities
  • $1.6 million (3%) for program and project management costs, including program, policy and project coordination; legal services; and communications support

For the period covering , to , $3.8 million (7%) was budgeted for contingency.

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Organisation: Canada Border Services Agency


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