Primary Inspection Kiosks

Canada's airports are modernizing to improve border-related service and meet the need to manage increasing volumes of international travellers.


If you arrive at one of Canada's busiest international airports, you can now verify your identity and make an on screen declaration using primary inspection kiosks.

The CBSA, in collaboration with airport authorities, began introducing these new kiosks in March 2017 and will continue installing them at Canada's major airports throughout 2018-2019.

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Who can use the kiosks?

  • Most travellers arriving in Canada by air, including returning residents and foreign nationals.
  • Each kiosk is fully accessible, in compliance with Canadian standards.

Who cannot use the kiosks?

The following  travellers will be directed to a border services officer for in-person processing:

  • Unaccompanied minors, and
  • Travellers with a non-machine-readable travel document.

Special Services

  • NEXUS members should continue to use dedicated NEXUS kiosks for expedited processing or can opt to use a passport for regular processing at a Primary Inspection Kiosk.
  • Foreign representatives (diplomats) and their families should continue to use the special services counter for in-person processing.

Passport stamping for permanent residents and foreign nationals

How to use the kiosks

Up to five travellers with the same place of residence can use a kiosk together.

  1. At the kiosk:
    • Scan your travel document
    • Take your photo
    • Answer a few questions to complete your declaration
  2. Take your kiosk receipt to a border services officer

Where to find them

Located at Ottawa, Edmonton, and Billy Bishop Toronto

Located at Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City, and Winnipeg

Located at Terminal 3 of Toronto Pearson

Frequently asked questions

Why was I not able to use the eDeclaration mobile app at my arrival airport?

The eDeclaration mobile app can only be used at a Primary Inspection Kiosk. The updated list of airport terminals with Primary Inspection Kiosks can always be found on the app itself and on the CBSA website.

Do I have to use a Primary Inspection Kiosk?

You are asked to use the kiosks where they are available as this allows us to provide you the best service. If you are ineligible or unable to use a kiosk, you will make your declaration to a border services officer when you arrive.

What happens if I land at an airport that does not have Primary Inspection Kiosks?

If you are arriving at an airport without the kiosks, you will be given a declaration card onboard your flight to Canada. You are expected to complete the form and make your declaration to a border services officer when you arrive.

Why are you taking my picture?

Your picture is taken at the kiosk to help confirm your identity and declaration. Your kiosk picture is compared to your travel document. Your picture is also printed on your kiosk receipt, so the border services officer can confirm you made a declaration.

How will my declaration be used? Is my information secure?

The information you enter on a Primary Inspection Kiosk is encrypted and transferred securely to the CBSA. The kiosk deletes your data once your receipt is printed. Your data and a copy of the receipt are retained within CBSA systems, in accordance with government information, privacy and security policies. 

What happens if the kiosks don't work?

In the event of a kiosk outage, the Customer Service Representatives at the airport will direct you to make your declaration to a border services officer.

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