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Land Border Crossing Project

As part of its commitment to border modernization, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will upgrade and replace 24 ports of entry over the next seven years to improve the border crossing experience for travellers, provide border services officers with upgraded infrastructure and technology, and deliver on the border of the future.

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About the Land Border Crossing Project

The CBSA is the custodian of 107 land border ports of entry. The agency has a 30 year real property strategy to rebuild these ports of entry and is starting with 24. The ports are planned to be rebuilt over the next seven years.

The 24 ports of entry are a mix of full service, medium and low volume ports. The full service ports will have major infrastructure enhancements, while the smaller ports of entry will be completely rebuilt.

The ports of entry will remain open during the construction process. Travellers will be informed of potential impacts and disruptions to services and operations.

Ports of entry

The following ports of entry are included in this phase of the Land Border Crossing Project:


The Land Border Crossing Project is taking a collaborative approach to constructing and enhancing the 24 ports of entry.

The following groups are being engaged throughout the project:

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