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2021 Year in review: Accomplishments by the numbers

From the Canada Border Services Agency

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) carries out its responsibilities with a workforce of approximately 14,000 employees, including over 6,500 uniformed CBSA officers who provide services at approximately 1,200 points across Canada and at 39 international locations.

These tables outline the national CBSA statistics for to (national statistics, all CBSA regions included).

Commercial goods


Food, plant and animal

1,017 Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties (AAAMP) issued for food, plant and animal import violations totaling $856,300 in penalties.


42,839 seizuresFootnote 3 (all commodities), including:

Firearms (details)

Total firearms seized: 908
Total firearms seizures: 338

Firearm type Quantity
Antique firearm 8
Fulauto carbine 13
Handgun 316
Miscellaneous (example, replica firearms, firearms parts, large capacity magazines, silencers other) 308
Revolver 44
Rifle 42
Semiauto pistol 125
Semiauto rifle 16
Shotgun 28
Other (including full auto pistol, full auto rifle, and semiauto carbine) 8

Weapons (details)

Total weapons seized: 32,930
Total weapon seizures: 10,150

Prohibited weapons type Quantity
Automatic opening knife 4,714
Bladed ring 53
Blowgun 7
Brass knuckle 4,688
Centrifugal opening knife 18,849
Crossbow (one handed use) 41
Gravity opening knife 118
Innocuous device with knife 1,320
Kiyoga/steel cobra baton 94
Morning star 46
Nunchaku 148
Push dagger 737
Shuriken 135
Stun gun 849
Taser 386
Tear gas/pepper spray 740
Other (constant companion knife, kusari/manriki, gusari) 5
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