Administrative Monetary Penalty System


The Customs Self Assessment (CSA) approved importer failed to account for goods in the prescribed manner or within the prescribed time limit.

This is a warning notice used to establish the compliance level of the importer. If your annual compliance falls below the established level, a penalty may be assessed under C246.


Occurrence Penalty
Flat rate $0.00
Penalty basis
Per Transactional B3
Retention period
12 months


Applied against the importer.

This is a system generated warning.

There may be multiple contraventions listed on the Notice of Penalty Assessment (NPA).

Applied when the date in the Release Date field falls outside the established accounting time frame.

For situations where the CSA importer fails to make the accounting of goods in accordance with the terms and regulatory delays more than 5% during a calendar year, see C246.

Apply a penalty per transaction.



Customs Act, subsection 32(3)


D23-3-1, Customs Self-Assessment Program for Importers


CSA Participants' Requirements Document

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