SUG 2021 RI: Refined sugar
Listing of counsel granted disclosure

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Tereposky & DeRose LLP
1000-81 Metcalfe St
Ottawa ON  K1P 6K7

Telephone: 613‑903‑7015
Fax: 613‑701‑2997

  • Canadian Sugar Institute
  • Lantic Inc.
  • Redpath Sugar Ltd.

Law office of Greg Somers
11 Mayfield Ave
Toronto ON  M6S 1K2

Telephone: 613‑240‑3214

  • Cosun Beet Company
  • C.V. Selectiebedrijf C.J. de Lugt

A&A Customs Brokers
101-120 176 St
Surrey BC  V3Z 9S2

Telephone: 604‑538‑1042
Fax: 604‑538‑3994

  • Victorian Epicure Ltd.
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