Listing of counsel granted disclosure: Corrosion-resistant steel sheet (COR1 2022 RI)

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Conlin Bedard LLP
700-220 Laurier Ave W
Ottawa ON  K1P 5Z9

Telephone: 613‑782‑5777
Fax: 613‑249‑7226

  • Arcelor Mittal Dofasco G.P.
  • Stelco Inc.

Grey, Clark, Shih and Associates, Limited
571 Blair Rd
Ottawa ON  K1J 7M3

Telephone: 613‑238‑7743
Fax: 613‑238‑0368

  • Salzgitter Mannesmann International (Canada) Inc.
  • Prosperity Tieh Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • Hong Ye Steel Co., Ltd. ("HY")

DS Lawyers Canada LLP
2100-1080 Beaver Hall Hill
Montreal QC  H2Z 1S8

Telephone: 514‑312‑1954
Fax: 514‑284‑3235

  • KG Dongbu Steel Co., Ltd
  • Beijing Shougang Cold Rolling Co., Ltd. ("Shougang Cold Rolling")
  • China Shougang International Trade & Engineering Corporation ("Shougang International")
  • Shougang Holding Trade (Hong Kong) Limited ("Shougang Holding Trade")
  • Shougang Jingtang United Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. ("Jingtang")
  • Shougang Qian’an Iron & Steel Company (“Qian’an”)

Donald J. Goodwin
5512 Old Mill way
Manotick ON  K4M 1C1

Telephone: 613-692-0734

  • Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd. (SYSCO)

Bennett Jones LLP
One First Canadian Place
3400-100 King St W
PO Box 130
Toronto ON  M5X 1A4

Telephone: 416‑863‑1200
Fax: 416‑863‑1716

  • Optima Steel International, LLC
  • JFE Shoji America, LLC
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