Notice of improving transparency

Please be advised that the CBSA will be making a number of changes to the exhibit listings on its Anti-dumping and Countervailing Website with the goal of improving transparency to our stakeholders, including the public. Effective April 26, 2021, first, final and rejection notices of disclosure-related deficiencies (DRDs) will be included in the confidential record. In addition, the exhibit listings for ongoing proceedings will include the “Official date of submission receipt in accordance with sections 85–87 of the SIMA”.

The significance of the official date of submission receipt in accordance with sections 85-87 of the SIMA is to reflect that, unless and until an adequate confidential and non-confidential version of a submission has been received by the SIMA Registry and Disclosure Unit, in compliance with sections 85–87 of the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), and in accordance with the Guidelines on the Disclosure of Confidential Information for SIMA Proceedings, the CBSA will not take any of the submitted information into consideration as part of its investigation. This may result in the CBSA making preliminary and/or final decisions based on other facts available to the CBSA.

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