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Special Import Measures Act investigative process and timeframes

Day 0

The CBSA receives a formal complaint

Within 21 days of receiving the complaintFootnote 1

Within 30 days of determining proper documentation (extendable to 45 days)Footnote 2

Within 60 days of initiationFootnote 3

Within 90 days of initiation (extendable to 135 days)Footnote 4

Within 90 days after preliminary determinationFootnote 5

Within 120 days after preliminary determinationFootnote 6

Where the CITT makes a finding of injury, the CBSA will review and finalize the provisional duties within six months of the finding. The CBSA will collect final duties and monitor imports of subject goods for the next 5 years while the finding is in place.Footnote 7

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