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Trusted Trader Portal troubleshooting

From: Canada Border Services Agency

Making changes to your account (contacts, company name, address change)

Sign in to your Trusted Trader portal account. Go to your company profile and make the necessary changes. Save these changes. Make sure to do this if you need to transfer account ownership.

You can't make changes to the company profile or security profile

If your company is the subject of a review by the CBSA (as part of the application or revalidation process, for example), you will be able to make and save changes to your company's account, but will not be able to submit these changes until the CBSA has completed its review.

You can't access the Trusted Trader portal account

There could be several reasons:

  • you have not signed in to the portal in over 2 years and your user reference number (URN) has expired
  • the account owner may have left the company without transferring ownership to another member of the company
  • the account owner has not yet activated or reactivated your user profile

Account credentials don't work or have expired

The account credentials of any Trusted Trader portal user will expire and have to be re-linked if they have not been used within a period of two years.

To avoid this, account owners and all other types of portal users are strongly encouraged to set reminders to sign in to the Trusted Trader portal at least once a year. By accessing your account often, you can:

  • check for important notifications
  • review and update contact and company information

Selecting an account owner

The account owner is a required user role that should:

  • be an employee with signing authority able to officially represent the company
  • apply to the Partners in Protection program on behalf of the company
  • check the portal account regularly (at least once a year)
  • sign in as needed to make changes to the account

For more information about this user role, visit Choose your account owner.

Save and submit an application

  • Only the account owner can submit the application
    • when the application is complete, a green Submit application button will appear at the bottom of the screen
    • the account owner must select the green Submit application button for the CBSA to receive the application
  • The proxy account owner(s) and full access user(s) can save changes to both the application and security profiles
  • The admin-only user(s) can only save changes to the application

You get an error message after saving information in the security profile

  • Make sure you save as often as possible while completing your security profile to avoid losing information
  • You can only fit a certain number of characters in each answer box
  • Make sure you have entered the correct type of character in each box (i.e. letters or numbers)
  • Sometimes, when copy-pasting information, it is possible that the portal will not accept the original format. If needed, copy your information into a plain text or Word document before copy-pasting it into the portal
  • Go back through your work and ensure that you haven't missed any questions
  • If you still have issues, email

Characters that can't be used in your GCKey password

You can't use the following characters when setting up your password: "<>¢£¤¥¦§¨©ª«¬®¯°±²³´µ¶•¸¹º»¼½¾Ð×ØÞßðøþ

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