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Change to import-export program (RM) administration

The Canada Revenue Agency continues to issue the required business number (BN9). The CBSA has taken over RM account-related services. Until October 2024:

  1. to register for a new import-export program account (RM), complete form BSF947: Request for a CBSA Import/Export Program Account
  2. to submit a maintenance request for existing RM accounts, complete form BSF948: Request for Change(s) to Existing CBSA Import/Export Program Account

Learn more: Register for or modify an import-export program account

The Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS) is an online portal that allows the exporter community to submit export declarations and summary reports to the CBSA. Learn how to register for an account.

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How to register and access the CERS portal

Step 1:
Confirm that your business number is designated "export" or "both import and export" by contacting the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) at 1-800-959-8886.
Step 2:
Apply to become a CERS portal client by completing the Exporter reporting application form: BSF831 and submitting it by email to: for approval. The approval process generally takes up to 5 business days but may take longer if there is missing or incomplete information. Once approved, the CBSA will send you an activation code (shared secret) to the email address that you have indicated on the form.
Step 3:
Verify that your computer has internet access and supports one of the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox (refer to CERS portal technical requirements).
Step 4:
Sign in to the CERS portal and create a CERS portal user account (refer to CERS User Guide: Section 3).
Step 5:
Create a CERS portal business account (refer to CERS User Guide: Section 3). The creator of the business account will automatically become the account owner. The account owner may add additional users to the CERS portal business account who may view and/or submit export declarations and related information (refer to CERS User Guide: Section 5).
Step 6:
Assign roles to additional CERS portal users to the selected Business Account by selecting “Add user” under the “User access” tab (refer to CERS User Guide: Section 5). We recommend adding at least one proxy account owner in case the account owner is unavailable. For information about user roles, consult Section 3.0 of the Electronic Commerce Client Requirements Document.

Associated business accounts

As an exporter, you can delegate the reporting of your goods to a customs service provider.

In this case, the customs service provider will ask the CBSA to associate the two business accounts by completing form Exporter reporting application form: BSF831 and submitting it by email to:

Once the CBSA has processed the form, it will add your account to the customs service provider's business account.

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