Remote Area Border Crossing Program

Attention ArriveCAN users

Travellers using ArriveCAN must identify:

  • how they are entering Canada (for example, by air, land or sea) and
  • where they are entering Canada (port of entry)

If your precise travel details do not appear in the app, select any available option. This will allow you to continue to the next screen, complete your submission and enter Canada.

The Remote Area Border Crossing Program facilitates the border clearance process for individuals wishing to cross the border into Canada in certain remote areas.

Temporary suspension

As part of border measures intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Government of Canada temporarily suspended its Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) program as of May 12, 2020. This temporary suspension remains in effect due to the mandatory ArriveCAN reporting requirement for all travellers. You may not use a RABC permit to enter Canada until the program is officially reinstated.

Until then, the CBSA:

We will keep members up to date as this situation evolves.

All travellers must report to an open port of entry to enter Canada.

More information

Program eligibility

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada and the United States are eligible to apply for a RABC permit:

U. S. citizens and permanent residents must meet normal Canadian visitor legislative requirements, as described in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. In general, visitors must be in good health and law-abiding, and they must have sufficient funds for their stay in Canada.

For more information on immigration requirements for visitors to Canada, see the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

You may not qualify for a RABC permit if one of the following applies:

Northwest Angle Area

Travellers entering Canada from the Northwest Angle Area, Minnesota, must contact the Telephone Reporting Center (TRC) before entering Canada, which can be done using a personal cellular phone or an Outlying Area Report Station phone to call 1-888-226-7277 or 905-679-2073.

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