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Women's History Month : 34 years of service as a woman at the CBSA!

The significant changes and the evolution of leadership roles for women over the decades.



(Text on screen: Women's History Month 2023)

(Text on screen: What has been the most significant change for women in uniform over the course of your career?)

(Patrizia, acting director at the CBSA, on screen)

There's so many more of us in different areas within the agency at all levels. And it's great to see the interest from

(Video of a female border services officer working at her desk)

younger women from wanting to join the agency.

(Patrizia on screen)

That is a huge, huge plus for women and for the agency. Just to speak again on the uniform, it has evolved so much more. That is much more comfortable for all persons in uniform, including us women,

(Video of a female border services officer being handed a document from a traveler, and asking them questions)

but definitely seeing more and more of us, more women

(Video of a female border services officer inspecting cargo inside a cargo facility)

within the agency. Seeing the interest from younger women

(Patrizia on screen)

at different levels of schooling that want to join the agency. This is a huge plus for us.

(Text on screen: How has your role as a woman leader at the CBSA evolved over the years?)

(Patrizia on screen)

I've seen being allowed to be more autonomous in the role that I play within the agency. So, that autonomy has allowed me and my team to really take hold of our files

(Video of two female border services officers walking, talking, and smiling)

and move them forward. There's definite trust in me,

(Video of a female border services officer inside a booth, talking with a traveler at an airport)

in my abilities, my knowledge and my experiences,

(Patrizia on screen)

and that has allowed me to really participate more proactively, more positively at different tables. And I see that as well — that same trust in me and my abilities — I see that transcending as well with my team members.

(Text on screen: What words of encouragement would you have for women who are interested in joining our organization today?)

(Patrizia on screen)

Every day provides new opportunities to learn, new opportunities to meet people. In addition, the agency offers so many different opportunities for every single woman, every single person, actually, who wants to join the agency.

(Video of a female CBSA scientist working in a lab)

From a science perspective, working for a lab.

(Video of a female CBSA scientist using a handheld x-ray device to inspect a vehicle)

From an I.T. perspective, developing some of the innovative products

(Patrizia on screen)

that will take us into the future. There are opportunities to represent the agency worldwide in different missions across the country, as well as different opportunities with the different positions, whether it's in enforcement or on the trade side, to be able

(Video of a female border services officer talking with two travelers at an airport)

to travel and share the CBSA mandate,

(Video of a female border services officer inspecting luggage with her detector dog)

share the CBSA products

(Video of a female border services officer smiling)

with all persons around the world.

(Canada wordmark appears)

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