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Detector Dog Rusty enjoys working to prevent prohibited products from entering Canada

Always declare your food, plant, and animal products to the CBSA on arrival.



Detector dog Rusty on screen. Rusty investigates baggage and indicates a detection. Video clip of prohibited items. Rusty is rewarded. Detector dog handler opens the luggage and reveals the food product that was detected. Rusty is sitting in front of signs reminding to declare all foods.

Narrator: This is Rusty, a specially trained detector dog who can detect food, plant and animal products that are prohibited from entering Canada. These include items like meat, dairy products, eggs, fruits, vegetables, seeds and wood products.

Good job, Rusty!

Do your research and learn what items can be brought into the country before you travel. Remember to declare all food, plant and animal products on arrival. To find out more, visit the CBSA website.

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Canada wordmark on screen.

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