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Behind the scenes at the CBSA Lab: Using high-tech for secure and efficient borders

Showcasing the work of engineers and scientists.



(Scientist Patrick on screen)

Hi, I'm Patrick from the CBSA Lab. Our engineers and scientists are behind some great advances in technology.

(Video of a scientist scanning a vehicle with a handheld X-ray machine)

We have x-ray machines so small and light, the officers

(Video of a border services officer scanning the inside of a truck with a handheld X-ray machine)

carry them to find illegal items in luggages and packages.

(Image of an HCV Mobile X-ray)

Inspection tools so large and powerful that trucks, RVs and boats

(Video of two rows of vehicles at a land point of entry)

are checked without even needing an officer to go inside.

(Video of a backpack being scanned with a handheld X-ray machine)

And detection tools sensitive enough to find even tiny amounts of drugs

(Video of a scientist pulling out a bag of drugs from a bottle, which was found in the backpack using the handheld X-ray machine)

explosives and other dangerous materials.

(Video of a handheld X-ray machine's screen, showing the results of a scan)

These technologies strengthen security

(Time-lapse of vehicles going through a land point of entry)

and help speed up the process at the border.

(Patrick on screen)

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