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Behind the scenes at the CBSA Lab: Using great chemistry to protect our borders

Showcasing the work of chemists.



(Scientist Patrick on screen)

Hi, I'm Patrick. Here to show you the important work we do here as chemists

(Shot of a scientist placing leaf-like object in a dish to analyze it for drugs)

at the CBSA Lab. Think of us as detectives

(Shot of a scientist placing a tiny sample of the leaf-like object into a test tube)

who find even small amounts of illegal materials,

(Shot of a scientist showing cannabis inside of a small jar)

such as drugs, in seized items;

(Shot of a scientist analyzing test tube containing alcohol)

who test alcohol, tobacco and cannabis

(Shot of a beaker full of cigarettes)

to make sure they meet legal requirements;

(Shot of a scientist cutting a sample off of the inside of a coat, to analyze its material)

and who examine imports

(Shot of a scientist analyzing the coat sample under a microscope)

to identify the precise materials they are made of

(Shot of a poster showing what animal pelts and skins look like under a microscope)

to collect the right tariffs.

(Shot of a scientist pouring gaseous substance into a small tank)

The work we do here helps keep our communities

(Shot of liquid slowly dripping into a row of test tubes)

safe and our economy strong.

(Patrick on screen)

(Graphic: Contact us:,

We are always on the lookout for new talent.

For more information, search "corporate jobs" on our website.

(Canada wordmark appears)

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