EDI/Portal Clients
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Technical Commercial Client Unit

The Technical Commercial Client Unit is your primary point of contact for most issues involving the transmission of commercial electronic data.

  •  Business hours
    • Monday to Friday (except holidays)
    • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET)
    • Refer to our Services document to find out more about support provided during and after business hours.
  •  Telephone:
    • Canada and the United States: 1-888-957-7224
      • Option 1 for EDI transactions
      • Option 2 for Technical Portal Assistance
    • Overseas: 613-946-0762
  •  Email (for non-urgent correspondence only)
  •  Fax: 343-291-5482
  •  Mailing address:
    • Canada Border Services Agency
      355 North River Road, 6th Floor, Tower B
      Ottawa ON K1A 0L8

Other CBSA contacts

Issue Contact information and/or web page
General inquiries not related to EDI or Portal  Border Information Service (BIS)
Apply for a carrier or freight forwarder code

 Air, Rail Carriers and Freight Forwarders

 Highway Carriers

 Marine Carriers

 Contact Information

Apply for a eManifest Portal Shared Secret

 Service is available Monday to Friday, from to (ET), except holidays.

 Shared Secret


Inquiries on eManifest policy or operations

 Service is available Monday to Friday, from to (ET), except holidays.

 eManifest Help Desk

Apply for a penalty waiver – Electronic B3s

For an overdue Customs Automated Data Exchange / Customs Declaration (CADEX/CUSDEC) B3, complete the online form or send a fax containing your contact information, details of the electronic B3 transaction and the reason the penalty should be waived to the Recourse Directorate.

 Fax: 343-291-7239

Daily Notices (DNs) and Statements of Accounts (SOAs)

 Daily Notices and Statement of Accounts


'Do Not Load' and 'Hold' messages for marine and air shipments

Contact the National Targetting Centre (NTC)

 1-855-NTC-1CNC (1-855-682-1262).

Single Window Initiative (SWI) Integrated Import Declaration (IID)  Single Window Initiative

Regional client support

Freight forwarders

An electronic House Bill (eHouse Bill) client support service is available to assist freight forwarders and facilitate their shipments into Canada. Freight forwarders can use this service to ask eHouse Bill questions, resolve related operational issues, and learn about freight forwarder requirements.

Shipment destination Telephone

Eastern Canada

 Client support

Monday to Friday

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET

 Marine mode: 514-350-6169

 Air mode: 514-633-7844 ext. 2026

 Highway mode: 450-246-8051

Western Canada

 Client support

Monday to Friday

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PT

  All modes: 604-666-0098

Highway carriers

eManifest operational support for highway carriers is available at the following locations by telephone, 24/7.

Province/Region Location and POE Number Telephone
Atlantic St. Stephen NB  (POE 231)  506-465-2237
Quebec Lacolle QC (POE 351)  450-246-2145
Ontario Lansdowne ON (POE 456)  613-659-3653
Ontario Niagara Falls ON (POE 427)  905-262-4612
Ontario Fort Erie ON (POE 410)  905-994-6382
Ontario Windsor ON (POE 453)  519-967-4216
Ontario Sarnia  ON (POE 440)  519-333-6343
Prairie Emerson MB (POE 502)  204-373-2313
Prairie Coutts AB (POE 705)  403-344-5012
Pacific Pacific Highway BC (POE 813)  604-538-3635

Other contacts

Business Number

Register for a Business Number or ask questions regarding your existing number.

 Telephone: 1-800-959-5525

 Registering your business

Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED)

Questions related to the Canadian Automated Export Declaration must be directed to Statistics Canada.

 Telephone: 1-800-257-2434


CFIA Reject messages

Information on reject messages originating from goods regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

 Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. (ET)

 Telephone (Canada and the United States): 1-800-835-4486

 Telephone (local and international calls): 1-289-247-4099

 Facsimile : 613-773-9999

 Other Government Department (OGD) Single Window Interface.


Questions on permits issued by Global Affairs Canada for electronic releases.

 Telephone (Canada and the United States): 1-877-808-8838

 Telephone (local and international calls): 613-944-2165


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