Partners in Protection
Securing and Facilitating Trade in North America

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Is your business involved in international trade or the movement of goods across borders? If so, did you know…

AEO programs: North America

AEO programs have been developed by customs administrations throughout the North American region. In Canada, the program operates under the name Partners in Protection (PIP), in the United States it is known as Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) and in Mexico the program is called Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).

What are the benefits?

Success stories from AEO companies

Better planning

Our group of companies have been a member of PIP since 2002. During the years in the program we have experienced reduced delays and inspections at the border, creating business opportunities in the way of efficient and lean inventories and better planning in regards to manufacturing. As a result of being a member of PIP, our companies were able to establish an excellent working relationship with CBSA, which proved to be very useful when dealing with trade issues. I would highly recommend any business doing or planning on doing business in Canada to be an active member in the PIP program.

Time reduction

In order to obtain authorization as a certified company, we made considerable changes in our processes. It was a lot of work, however, the company took a huge step in terms of security. Once the Mexican Tax Administration Service visited our plant, we realized that the team effort was worth it. Today, one of our main benefits as an AEO certified company is the joint customs clearance, which enables us to reduce our delivery and border crossing times. This has resulted in remarkable savings in our operation.

Efficiency and security

As a Fortune-500 Multinational company with brand presence in over 65 countries, it is critical for us to effectively assess and mitigate risk in our supply chain. The CTPAT program has provided us with a comprehensive world-class solution to protect our people, cargo flows, and facilities, while enabling us to closely collaborate with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to protect our homeland. Since our certification over 10 years ago, we have certified three international subsidiaries and collaborated with hundreds of business partners to share the benefits of the CTPAT certification, which include expert advice from CBP's Supply Chain Security Specialists and a number of partnership privileges to make our supply chain more efficient and secure.

PIP, CTPAT and Mexican AEO

Many of our largest global customers are members of the same program(s) and they expect their suppliers to uphold the Trusted Trader cargo security standards, or to become directly certified in the program(s). Our membership reduces the frequency of cargo exams required to import our goods into Canada, allowing our international supply chain to be more efficient with just-in-time inventory management strategies. Our international transportation providers recognize the reduced risk and handling concerns because of our certification, which minimizes their costs to manage our logistics and customs clearance requirements.  Finally, we believe it is good corporate citizenship to cooperate with national customs administrations on the topic of security.

Who is eligible? And how do I apply?

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