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Appendix J: Code tables—
Chapter 25: Canadian Export Reporting System Portal

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1. Table descriptions and format

This appendix contains a listing of the code tables to be used for export declarations. These code lists are distributed in electronic format. These files can be used by application developers to load, or update their internal code tables.

Table 1: CBSA office codes (place of exit / place of report)
Column number Content of column
1 Office name - English
2 Office name - French
3 Port code
Table 2: Currency codes
Column number Content of column
1 Country
2 Pays
3 Currency code
4 Currency
5 Devise
Table 3: Unit of measure codes
Column number Content of column
1 Code
2 Abbreviated English text
3 Abbreviated French text
4 English text
5 French text

Table 4: Error codes


Table 5a: Canadian province codes
Column # Content of column
1 Code
2 English description
3 French description
Table 5b: United States codes
Column number Content of column
1 Code
2 English description
3 French description
Table 6: Reason for export codes
Column number Content of Column
1 Code
2 English description
3 French description
Table 7: Mode of transport codes
Column number Content of Column
1 Code
2 English description
3 French description
Table 8: Container type
Column number Content of Column
1 ID
2 English description
3 French description
Table 9: Country codes
Column number Content of Column
1 ID
2 Country code
3 English description
4 French description
Table 10: HS codes requiring a conveyance ID number
Column number Content of column
1 HS code
Table 11: Unit of measure by weight
Column number Content of column
1 Code
2 English description
3 French description
Table 12: Reason for amendment
Column number Content of column
1 ID
2 English description
3 French description

2. Code table details

Table 1: CBSA office codes (place of exit / place of report)
Office name – English Office name – French Port code
AB-Calgary - Air Commercial AB-Calgary - Secteur commercial dans le mode aérien 0701
AB-Coutts AB-Coutts 0705
AB-Edmonton - International Airport AB-Edmonton - Aéroport international 0702
BC-Abbotsford-Huntington BC-Abbotsford-Huntington 0817
BC-Aldergrove BC-Aldergrove 0841
BC-Boundary Bay BC-Boundary Bay 0815
BC-Carson BC-Carson 0834
BC-Cascade BC-Cascade 0816
BC-Chopaka BC-Chopaka 0836
BC-Comox Valley Airport BC-Comox Valley - Aéroport 0838
BC-Cranbrook Airport BC-Cranbrook - Aéroport 0801
BC-Fraser BC-Fraser 0893
BC-Kamloops - Airport BC-Kamloops - Aéroport 0814
BC-Kelowna - International Airport BC-Kelowna - Aéroport international 0831
BC-Kingsgate BC-Kingsgate 0818
BC-Midway BC-Midway 0835
BC-Nanaimo BC-Nanaimo 0804
BC-Nelway BC-Nelway 0828
BC-Osoyoos BC-Osoyoos 0819
BC-Pacific Highway BC-Pacific Highway 0813
BC-Paterson BC-Paterson 0832
BC-Penticton - Airport BC-Penticton - Aéroport 0807
BC-Pleasant Camp BC-Pleasant Camp 0891
BC-Prince George - Airport BC-Prince George - Aéroport 0820
BC-Prince Rupert BC-Prince Rupert 0808
BC-Roosville BC-Roosville 0824
BC-Rykerts BC-Rykerts 0822
BC-Sidney - Victoria International Airport BC-Sidney - Aéroport international de Victoria 0837
BC-Vancouver - Waterfront and Warehouse Operations BC-Vancouver - Waterfront and Warehouse Operations 0806
BC-Vancouver International Airport Commercial Op BC-Vancouver-Aéroport international-Opérations com 0821
BC-Victoria BC-Victoria 0811
BC-Waneta BC-Waneta 0833
MB-Boissevain MB-Boissevain 0507
MB-Churchill MB-Churchill 0511
MB-Emerson MB-Emerson 0502
MB-Sprague MB-Sprague 0505
MB-Winnipeg MB-Winnipeg 0504
MB-Winnipeg-Int Airport James Armstrong Richardson BC-Winnipeg-Aér int James Armstrong Richardson 0510
NB-Andover NB-Andover 0214
NB-Bathurst NB-Bathurst 0201
NB-Bloomfield NB-Bloomfield 0200
NB-Campobello NB-Campobello 0225
NB-Centreville NB-Centreville 0215
NB-Clair NB-Clair 0216
NB-Edmundston NB-Edmundston 0213
NB-Forest City NB-Forest City 0222
NB-Fosterville NB-Fosterville 0220
NB-Fredericton NB-Frédéricton 0204
NB-Gillespie Portage NB-Gillespie Portage 0219
NB-Grand Falls NB-Grand Falls 0217
NB-Moncton NB-Moncton 0206
NB-River de Chute NB-River de Chute 0226
NB-Saint John NB-Saint John 0210
NB-St. Croix NB-St. Croix 0205
NB-St. Leonard NB-St. Leonard 0218
NB-St. Stephen 3rd Bridge NB-St. Stephen 3e pont 0231
NB-Woodstock Road NB-Woodstock Road 0212
NL-Argentia NL-Argentia 0921
NL-Cornerbrook NL-Cornerbrook 0911
NL-Fortune - Transport Canada Wharf NL-Fortune - Transport Canada Wharf 0919
NL-Gander International Airport NL-Gander - Aéroport international 0912
NL-Goose Bay NL-Goose Bay 0913
NL-St. John's NL-St. John's 0914
NS-Halifax NS-Halifax 0009
NS-Halifax - Stanfield International Airport NS-Halifax - Aéroport international Stanfield 0026
NS-Sydney NS-Sydney 0021
NS-Yarmouth Ferry Terminal NS-Yarmouth - Gare de traversier 0025
NT-Inuvik NT-Inuvik 0512
NT-Yellowknife NT-Yellowknife 0515
NU-Iqaluit Airport NU-Iqaluit - Aéroport 0403
ON-Cornwall Traffic Office ON-Cornwall - Bureau du trafic voyageur 0409
ON-Fort Erie - Peace Bridge ON-Fort Érié - Peace Bridge 0410
ON-Fort Frances Bridge ON-Fort Frances - Pont 0478
ON-Hamilton - John C. Munro International Airport ON-Hamilton-Aéroport international John C. Munro 0417
ON-Kitchener-Waterloo Int Airport (Region of) ON-Kitchener-Waterloo Aéroport int (Région de) 0401
ON-Lansdowne - Thousand Islands Bridge ON-Lansdowne - Pont des Mille-Îles 0456
ON-London International Airport ON-London - Aéroport international 0423
ON-Niagara Falls - Queenston Lewiston Bridge ON-Niagara Falls - Queenston Lewiston Bridge 0427
ON-Ottawa-Ottawa Cargo Services ON-Ottawa-Services de fret d'Ottawa 0485
ON-Pigeon River ON-Rivière Pigeon 0475
ON-Prescott ON-Prescott 0439
ON-Rainy River ON-Rivière Rainy 0488
ON-Sarnia ON-Sarnia 0440
ON-Sault Ste. Marie Bridge ON-Sault Ste. Marie - Pont 0441
ON-Thunder Bay ON-Thunder Bay 0461
ON-Toronto-Lester B. Pearson International Airport ON-Toronto-Aéroport international Lester B.Pearson 0497
ON-Windsor - Ambassador Bridge ON-Windsor - Pont Ambassador 0453
ON-Windsor International Airport ON-Windsor - Aéroport international 0450
ON-Windsor - Main Long Room ON-Windsor - Salle des comptoirs principale 0454
ON-Windsor-Detroit Tunnel ON-Windsor-Détroit - Tunnel 0452
PE-Charlottetown PE-Charlottetown 0101
QC-Armstrong QC-Armstrong 0329
QC-Baie Comeau QC-Baie Comeau 0355
QC-Cap aux Meules QC-Cap aux Meules 0363
QC-Chicoutimi QC-Chicoutimi 0301
QC-Gaspé QC-Gaspé 0304
QC-Herdman QC-Herdman 0302
QC-Montréal QC-Montréal 0395
QC-Montréal - Mirabel International Airport QC-Montréal - Mirabel Aéroport international 0399
QC-Montréal - P.E. Trudeau International Airport QC-Montréal - P.E. Trudeau Aéroport international 0396
QC-Port-Cartier QC-Port-Cartier 0338
QC-Québec QC-Québec 0312
QC-Sept-Îles QC-Sept-Îles 0361
QC-Sorel QC-Sorel 0317
QC-St-Armand/Philipsburg QC-St-Armand/Philipsburg 0328
QC-St-Bernard-de-Lacolle - Highway 15 QC-St-Bernard-de-Lacolle - Autoroute 15 0351
QC-Stanhope QC-Stanhope 0354
QC-Stanstead - Highway 55 QC-Stanstead - Autoroute 55 0314
QC-Trois-Rivières QC-Trois-Rivières 0322
QC-Valleyfield QC-Valleyfield 0323
SK-North Portal SK-North Portal 0602
SK-Regina SK-Regina 0604
SK-Saskatoon - Commercial SK-Saskatoon - Secteur commercial 0605
YT-Beaver Creek YT-Beaver Creek 0892
YT-Little Gold Creek YT-Little Gold Creek 0895
YT-Whitehorse YT-Whitehorse 0890
Table 2: Currency codes
Country Pays Currency code Currency Devise
Canada Canada CAD Canadian Dollar Dollars Canadians
United States États-Unis USD US Dollar Dollar des États-Unis
Table 3: Unit of measure codes
Code Abbreviated English Text Abbreviated French Text English Text French Text
CTM CTM CTM Carat Poids en carat
DZN DZN DZN Dozen Douzaine
GRM GRM GRM Gram Gramme
GRO GRO GRO Gross Brut
KGM KGM KGM Kilogram Kilogramme
KNS KNS KNS Kilogram of Named Substance Kilogramme de la matière mentionnée
LPA LPA LPA Litre of Pure Alcohol Litre d'alcool pur
LTR LTR LTR Litre Litre
MIL MIL MIL Thousand Mille
MTK MTK MTK Square Metre Mètre carré
MTQ MTQ MTQ Cubic Metre Mètre cube
MTR MTR MTR Metre Mètre
MWH MWH MWH Megawatt-Hour (1,000 KW/H) Mégawatt-heure (1 000 KW/H)
NMB NMB NMB Number Nombre
PAR PAR PAR Pair Paire
TMQ TMQ TMQ 1000 Cubic Metre 1000 mètres cubes
TNE TNE TNE Metric Tonne Tonne métrique
TSD TSD TSD Metric Tonne Air Dry Tonne métrique séché à l'air
GBQ GBQ GBQ Gigabecquerel Gigabecquerel
MBQ MBQ MBQ Megabecquerel Megabecquerel
NAP NAP NAP Pack Paquet
DPR DPR DPR Dozen Pair Douzaine de paire
N/A N/A N/A Not Applicable Sans objet
SFA SFA SFA Square Foot of 3/4" Pied Carré de 3/4"
SFE SFE SFE Square Foot of 1/8" Pied Carré de 1/8"
SFF SFF SFF Square Foot of 5/8" Pied Carré de 5/8"
SFH SFH SFH Square Foot of 1/2" Pied Carré de 1/2"
SFP SFP SFP Square Foot of 1" Pied Carré de 1"
SFQ SFQ SFQ Square Foot of 1/4" Pied Carré de 1/4"
SFT SFT SFT Square Foot of 3/8" Pied Carré de 3/8"

Table 4: Error codes
Table 4: Error codes
Long description for Table 4

This image displays an example of the descriptive text that appears when submitting an export declaration containing errors. The text specifies which errors need to be corrected and provides a link to each error field. All errors must be corrected prior to resubmitting the export declaration.

Note: The CERS Portal does not display error codes within its screens or electronic (PDF) error reports. Instead, the CERS Portal will display descriptive text to advise the user regarding the source and nature of any data errors it detects within an export document.

Table 5A: Canadian Province Codes
Code English description French description
AB Alberta Alberta
BC British Columbia Colombie-Britannique
MB Manitoba Manitoba
NB New Brunswick Nouveau-Brunswick
NL Newfoundland and Labrador Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
NS Nova Scotia Nouvelle-Écosse
NT Northwest Territories Territoire du Nord-Ouest
NU Nunavut Nunavut
ON Ontario Ontario
PE Prince Edward Island Île-du-Prince-Édouard
QC Quebec Québec
SK Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
YT Yukon Territory Territoire du Yukon
Table 5B: United States codes
Code English description French description
AK Alaska Alaska
AL Alabama Alabama
AR Arkansas Arkansas
AZ Arizona Arizona
CA California Californie
CO Colorado Colorado
CT Connecticut Connecticut
DC Columbia (District of) Columbia (District de)
DE Delaware Delaware
FL Florida Floride
GA Georgia Georgie
HI Hawaii Hawaï
IA Iowa Iowa
ID Idaho Idaho
IL Illinois Illinois
IN Indiana Indiana
KS Kansas Kansas
KY Kentucky Kentucky
LA Louisiana Louisiane
MA Massachusetts Massachusetts
MD Maryland Maryland
ME Maine Maine
MI Michigan Michigan
MN Minnesota Minnesota
MO Missouri Missouri
MS Mississippi Mississippi
MT Montana Montana
NC North Carolina Caroline du Nord
ND North Dakota Dakota du Nord
NE Nebraska Nebraska
NH New Hampshire New Hampshire
NJ New Jersey New Jersey
NM New Mexico Nouveau-Mexique
NV Nevada Nevada
NY New York New York
OH Ohio Ohio
OK Oklahoma Oklahoma
OR Oregon Orégon
PA Pennsylvania Pennsylvanie
RI Rhode Island Rhode Island
SC South Carolina Caroline du Sud
SD South Dakota Dakota du Sud
TN Tennessee Tennessee
TX Texas Texas
UT Utah Utah
VA Virginia Virginie
VT Vermont Vermont
WA Washington Washington
WI Wisconsin Wisconsin
WV West Virginia Virginie-Occidentale
WY Wyoming Wyoming
Table 6: Reason for Export codes
Code * English description French description
01 Contractors equipment, less than one year Équipement des entrepreneurs, moins d'un an
02 Contractors equipment, one year or more Équipement des entrepreneurs, d'un an ou plus
03 Carrier goods, international Transporteur de marchandises international
04 Credit, returned for Crédit retourné
05 Diplomatic Goods Marchandises diplomatiques
06 Gifts and Donations, personal Cadeaux et dons personnels
07 Gifts and Donations, not personal Cadeaux et dons non personnels
08 In-transit goods, for return to Canada Marchandises en-transit, retour au Canada
09 In-transit goods, through Canada Marchandises en-transit, à travers le Canada
10 Lease, less than one year Bail moins d'un an
11 Lease, one year or more Bail d'un an ou plus
12 Personal and personal household effects of migrant Effets personnels ou domestiques d'immigrants
13 Processing En traitement
14 Repairs, goods repaired in Canada Réparations, marchandises réparées au Canada
15 Repairs, goods sent out of Canada for repair Réparations, marchandises réparées hors du Canada
16 Repairs, warranty Garantie de réparations
17 Samples, commercial Échantillons commerciaux
18 Ships Stores, foreign carrier Approvisionnements de navire, transporteur étranger
19 Ships Stores, national carrier Approvisionnements de navire, transporteur national
20 Shuttle Service Service de navette
21 Temporary exports, less than one year Exportations temporaires moins d'un an
22 Transfer, inter company Transferts entre entreprises
23 Warehouse, customs bonded, exports from Exportations de l'entrepôt de stockage des douanes
24 Warehouse, excise bonded, exports from Exportations de l'entrepôt de stockage d'accise
25 Warehouse, sufferance, exports from Exportations de l'entrepôt d'attente
26 Other Autre

Note *: You must update the source text file to replace any leading zero digit with a space that is assigned to a Reason for Export code entry.

Example: Change Reason for Export code entry "01" to either "1 " or " 1"

Table 7: Mode of Transport codes
Code English description French description
1 Marine Maritime
2 Rail Ferroviaire
3 Highway Autoroute
4 Air Aérien
5 Mail Poste
7 Pipeline Oléoduc
9 Other Autre
Table 8: Container Type
ID English description French description
1 Bulk Vrac
2 Break Bulk Marchandises diverses
3 RORO Trans. Roulier (transbordeur roulier)
4 Oversize Cargo Cargo hors-format
5 Less than Container Load Chargement partiel d’un conteneur
6 Heavy Lift Colis lourd
7 To be determined À déterminer
Table 9: Country codes
ID Country code English description French description
1 AD Andorra Andorre
2 AE United Arab Emirates Émirats arabes unis
3 AF Afghanistan Afghanistan
4 AG Antigua and Barbuda Antigua-et-Barbuda
5 AI Anguilla Anguilla
6 AL Albania Albanie
7 AM Armenia Arménie
9 AO Angola Angola
10 AQ Antarctica Antarctique
11 AR Argentina Argentine
12 AS American Samoa Samoa américaines
13 AT Austria Autriche
14 AU Australia Australie
15 AW Aruba Aruba
16 AZ Azerbaijan Azerbaïdjan
17 BA Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnie-Herzégovine
18 BB Barbados Barbade
19 BD Bangladesh Bangladesh
20 BE Belgium Belgique
21 BF Burkina Faso Burkina Faso
22 BG Bulgaria Bulgarie
23 BH Bahrain Bahreïn
24 BI Burundi Burundi
25 BJ Benin Bénin
26 BM Bermuda Bermudes
27 BN Brunei Darussalam Brunéi Darussalam
28 BO Bolivia Bolivie
29 BR Brazil Brésil
30 BS Bahamas Bahamas
31 BT Bhutan Bhoutan
32 BV Bouvet Island Bouvet, Île
33 BW Botswana Botswana
34 BY Belarus Bélarus
35 BZ Belize Belize
36 CA Canada Canada
37 CC Cocos Islands Îles Cocos
38 CD Democratic Republic of the Congo République démocratique du Congo
39 CF Central African Republic Centrafricaine, République
40 CG Congo Congo
41 CH Switzerland Suisse
42 CI Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire
43 CK Cook Islands Cook, Îles
44 CL Chile Chili
45 CM Cameroon Cameroun
46 CN China Chine
47 CO Colombia Colombie
48 CR Costa Rica Costa Rica
49 CU Cuba Cuba
50 CV Cabo Verde Cap-Vert
51 CX Christmas Island Christmas, Île
52 CY Cyprus Chypre
53 CZ Czech Republic République tchèque
54 DE Germany Allemagne
55 DJ Djibouti Djibouti
56 DK Denmark Danemark
57 DM Dominica Dominique
58 DO Dominican Republic Dominicaine, République
59 DZ Algeria Algérie
60 EC Ecuador Équateur
61 EE Estonia Estonie
62 EG Egypt Égypte
63 EH Western Sahara Sahara occidental
64 ER Eritrea Érythrée
65 ES Spain Espagne
66 ET Ethiopia Éthiopie
67 FI Finland Finlande
68 FJ Fiji Fidji
69 FK FalklandIslands Falkland,Îles
70 FM Micronesia Micronésie
71 FO Faroe Islands Îles Féroé
72 FR France France
73 GA Gabon Gabon
74 GB United Kingdom Royaume-Uni
75 GD Grenada Grenade
76 GE Georgia Géorgie
77 GF French Guiana Guyane française
78 GH Ghana Ghana
79 GI Gibraltar Gibraltar
80 GL Greenland Groenland
81 GM Gambia Gambie
82 GN Guinea Guinée
83 GP Guadeloupe Guadeloupe
84 GQ Equatorial Guinea Guinée équatoriale
85 GR Greece Grèce
86 GT Guatemala Guatemala
87 GU Guam Guam
88 GW Guinea-Bissau Guinée-Bissau
89 GY Guyana Guyane
90 HK Hong Kong Hong-Kong
91 HM Heard and McDonald Islands Heard et McDonald, Îles
92 HN Honduras Honduras
93 HR Croatia Croatie
94 HT Haiti Haïti
95 HU Hungary Hongrie
96 ID Indonesia Indonésie
97 IE Ireland Irlande
98 IL Israel Israël
99 IN India Inde
100 IO British Indian Ocean Territory Territoire britannique de l'océan indien
101 IQ Iraq Iraq
102 IR Iran Iran
103 IS Iceland Islande
104 IT Italy Italie
105 JM Jamaica Jamaïque
106 JO Jordan Jordanie
107 JP Japan Japon
108 KE Kenya Kenya
109 KG Kyrgyzstan Kirghizistan
110 KH Cambodia Cambodge
111 KI Kiribati Kiribati
112 KM Comoros Comores
113 KN Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis
114 KP North Korea Corée du Nord
115 KR South Korea Corée du Sud
116 KW Kuwait Koweït
117 KY Cayman Islands Caïmanes, Îles
118 KZ Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
119 LA Laos Laos
120 LB Lebanon Liban
121 LC Saint Lucia Sainte-Lucie
122 LI Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
123 LK Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
124 LR Liberia Libéria
125 LS Lesotho Lesotho
126 LT Lithuania Lituanie
127 LU Luxembourg Luxembourg
128 LV Latvia Lettonie
129 LY Libya Libye
130 MA Morocco Maroc
131 MC Monaco Monaco
132 MD Moldova, Republic of Moldavie, République de
133 MG Madagascar Madagascar
134 MH Marshall Islands Marshall, Îles
135 MK Macedonia, North Macédoine, du Nord
136 ML Mali Mali
137 MM Myanmar Myanmar
138 MN Mongolia Mongolie
139 MO Macao Macao
140 MP Northern Mariana Islands Îles Mariannes du Nord
141 MQ Martinique Martinique
142 MR Mauritania Mauritanie
143 MS Montserrat Montserrat
144 MT Malta Malte
145 MU Mauritius Maurice
146 MV Maldives Maldives
147 MW Malawi Malawi
148 MX Mexico Mexique
149 MY Malaysia Malaisie
150 MZ Mozambique Mozambique
151 NA Namibia Namibie
152 NC New Caledonia Nouvelle-Calédonie
153 NE Niger Niger
154 NF Norfolk Island Norfolk, Île
155 NG Nigeria Nigéria
156 NI Nicaragua Nicaragua
157 NL Netherlands Pays-Bas
158 NO Norway Norvège
159 NP Nepal Népal
160 NR Nauru Nauru
161 NU Niue Nioué
162 NZ New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande
163 OM Oman Oman
164 PA Panama Panama
165 PE Peru Pérou
166 PF French Polynesia Polynésie française
167 PG Papua New Guinea Papouasie - Nouvelle-Guinée
168 PH Philippines Philippines
169 PK Pakistan Pakistan
170 PL Poland Pologne
171 PM St. Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
172 PN Pitcairn Pitcairn
173 PR Puerto Rico Porto Rico
174 PS State of Palestine État de la Palestine
175 PT Portugal Portugal
176 PW Palau Palau
177 PY Paraguay Paraguay
178 QA Qatar Qatar
179 RE Reunion Réunion
180 RO Romania Roumanie
181 RU Russian Federation Fédération de Russie
182 RW Rwanda Rwanda
183 SA Saudi Arabia Arabie saoudite
184 SB Solomon Islands Salomon, Îles
185 SC Seychelles Seychelles
186 SD Sudan Soudan
187 SE Sweden Suède
188 SG Singapore Singapour
189 SH St. Helena Sainte-Hélène
190 SI Slovenia Slovénie
191 SJ Svalbard Island Îles Svalbard
192 SK Slovakia Slovaquie
193 SL Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
194 SM San Marino Saint-Marin
195 SN Senegal Sénégal
196 SO Somalia Somalie
197 SR Suriname Suriname
198 ST Sao Tome and Principe Sâo Tomé-et-Principe
199 SV El Salvador El Salvador
200 SY Syria Syrie
201 SZ Eswatini Eswatini
202 TC Turks and Caicos Islands Turks et Caïques, Îles
203 TD Chad Tchad
204 TF French Southern Territories Terres australes françaises
205 TG Togo Togo
206 TH Thailand Thaïlande
207 TJ Tajikistan Tadjikistan
208 TK Tokelau Tokélau
209 TM Turkmenistan Turkménistan
210 TN Tunisia Tunisie
211 TO Tonga Tonga
213 TR Turkey Turquie
214 TT Trinidad and Tobago Trinité-et-Tobago
215 TV Tuvalu Tuvalu
216 TW Taiwan Taiwan
217 TZ Tanzania, United Republic Tanzanie, République unie de
218 UA Ukraine Ukraine
219 UG Uganda Ouganda
220 UM United States Minor Outlying Islands Îles mineures éloignées des États-Unis
221 US United States of America États-Unis d'Amérique
222 UY Uruguay Uruguay
223 UZ Uzbekistan Ouzbékistan
224 VA Holy See (Vatican) Saint-Siège (Vatican)
225 VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint-Vincent et les Grenadines
226 VE Venezuela Venezuela
227 VG Virgin Islands, British Vierges britanniques, Îles
228 VI Virgin Islands, U.S. Vierges américaines, Îles
229 VN Viet Nam Viet Nam
230 VU Vanuatu Vanuatu
231 WF Wallis and Futuna Wallis et Futuna
232 WS Samoa Samoa
233 YE Yemen Yémen
235 ZA South Africa Afrique du Sud
236 ZM Zambia Zambie
237 ZW Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
241 GS South Georgia Géorgie du Sud
242 YT Mayotte Mayotte
244 RS Serbia Serbie
245 ME Montenegro Monténégro
247 GG Guernsey GuerneseyHS
248 IM Isle Of Man Île De Man
249 JE Jersey Jersey
252 TL Timor-Leste Timor-Leste
253 CW Curaçao Curaçao
254 BQ Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Bonaire, Saint-Eustache et Saba
255 SX Sint Maarten Saint-Martin
256 SS South Sudan Soudan Du Sud
258 XK Kosovo Kosovo
276 EA Ceuta and Melilla Ceuta et Melilla
Table 10: HS codes requiring a conveyance identification number
HS code

When using any of the following export codes within the CERS Portal, the user will be required to specify an applicable conveyance ID number. (If the good being exported from Canada is a conveyance, enter the vehicle identification number (VIN), the hull identification number (HIN) or the serial number of the conveyance. Conveyances for export include vehicles, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, boats, etc. This does not include the identification number of the transport vehicle used to export the conveyance.)

(Refer to Appendix K for information regarding all Export HS codes.)

Table 11: Unit of Measure by Weight
Code English description French description
CTM Metric Carat Carat métrique
DTN Deciton Décitonne
GRM Gram Gramme
HGM Hectogram Hectogramme
KGM Kilogram Kilogramme
KNS Kilogram Of Named Substance Kilogramme substance dénommée
KSD Kilogram - 90% Air Dry Kilogramme - 90% séché à l'air
KTN Kiloton Kilotonne
MGM Milligram Milligramme
TNE Metric Ton Tonne métrique
Table 12: Reason for Amendment
Code English description French description
1 Change in date of export Changement de la date d'exportation
2 Change in place of export Changement du lieu d'exportation
3 Change in carrier and/or unique carrier assigned number Changement du transporteur et/ou code unique attribué par le transporteur
4 Change in description of goods (including quantity, country of origin, value, HS code) Changement de description des marchandises (incluant quantité, pays d'origine, valeur, code SH)
5 Change in line items within the declaration (addition or removal of line items) Changement de la ligne d'article dans la déclaration (ajout ou retrait)
6 Change in country of final destination and/or ultimate consignee information Changement du pays de destination finale et/ou information du destinataire ultime
7 Addition of or change in export permit/licence/certificate number Ajout de/ou changement au permis d'exportation, à la licence ou au numéro de certificat
8 Goods no longer being exported from Canada Les marchandises qui ne sont plus exportées du Canada
9 Reason not listed above Raison n'est pas dans la liste
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