Border services officer
4. Training and development

After successfully meeting the selection process criteria, you will complete phased training and development.

Training and development

4 weeks

Online facilitated training

4.5 months

In-residence training at the CBSA College in Rigaud, Quebec

1 to 1.5 years

Paid on-the-job development as a trainee at one of the Agency’s Ports of Entry

You will learn about:


You must comply with our Values and the Code of Conduct throughout all phases of training and development (including the online portion).

Online facilitated training (4 weeks)

The online facilitated training phase is the first phase of the Officer Induction Training Program (OITP). You will participate in self-paced, facilitated and group activities over a 4-week period. We will evaluate you using quizzes, activities, collaborative discussion postings and a final assignment.

You will learn about:

In-residence training (4.5 months)

The second phase of the OITP is the in-residence training at our college in Rigaud, Quebec. It is 4.5 months long, Monday through Friday, generally 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, with some training on evenings, weekends and statutory holidays, as required.

You will learn about:

We will assess you throughout the training: both informally (using performance-based learning activities) and formally (using multiple choice examinations and simulations).You must also attend scheduled physical fitness sessions.


During the in-residence training, you receive an allowance of $125 per week plus accommodations and meals. We will cover the cost of one (1) round trip from your home residence to the CBSA College.

If you are currently a public servant and are invited to attend training at our College, refer to your collective agreement and talk to your manager about the appropriate leave option.

On-the-job development (1 to 1.5 years)

After in-residence training, you will be posted to a port of entry as a trainee (FB-02). We will strive to assign you to a port of entry within one of the districts that you selected during the hiring process, but this may not be possible due to operational changes.

During the on-the-job development phase, you will perform various job functions to demonstrate that you meet the position competencies. Once successfully completed, you will be appointed as a border service officer (FB-03).

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