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Audit of compensation processes and controls: Management response

The Vice-President of Human Resources agrees with the audit findings and will ensure that actions are taken to improve monitoring and reporting, to implement a comprehensive training program and to increase collaboration between stakeholders as detailed in this action plan. Overall, HRB will work in close partnership with the Finance and Corporate Management Branch to immediately address shortcomings and improve the overall management and oversight of the compensation program at the Canada Border Services agency (CBSA).

The Vice-President of the Finance and Corporate Management Branch (FCMB) agrees with the audit recommendations and will ensure that robust compensation processes and controls are in place within the CBSA. FCMB will work with business process owners to immediately address the gaps observed in documentation and design effectiveness. The HR-to-Pay framework will be revised and specific recommendations will be made to the respective business owners to address any control deficiencies. Risk-based testing will be conducted to validate that the measures implemented are yielding the expected results. In order for these action plans to be successful, HRB's full engagement and collaboration will be essential.

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