NEXUS eGate, or the NEXUS electronic gate, allows Canada-bound NEXUS lane privileges to be extended during off-peak hours.

An eGate consists of the following modifications to the NEXUS lane:

  • Two electronic gates (entrance and exit) installed in the NEXUS lane;
  • A radio-frequency identification reader to open the entrance gate;
  • Video surveillance equipment to transmit images to the office; and
  • An intercom for the border services officer to communicate with members in the vehicle.

To use eGate:

  • Stop and hold your membership card in front of the proximity card reader to pass through the entrance to eGate.
  • Proceed to the NEXUS booth.
  • Respond to the primary interview questions asked by the border services officer through the intercom.
  • Proceed into Canada or for further inspection as directed by the border services officer once the exit gate is raised.

Visit NEXUS Land for more information on other requirements.

Fort Erie pilot project

To test eGate at a high volume port of entry, a pilot was conducted at Peace Bridge, in Fort Erie, Ontario, for a period of one year, starting in May 2014. Although the pilot is now completed, NEXUS eGate remains available at that location, and extends NEXUS hours of service to allow 24/7 access.

eGate at other locations

The CBSA is currently reviewing the results of the pilot project in order to develop recommendations for a way forward. Installation of NEXUS eGate technology at other ports of entry will be considered on a case-by-case basis if it is determined that the pilot was successful and expansion is beneficial overall.

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