Updates to personal information

NEXUS members can access the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) to update address changes and passport information that is already on file. Even if you did not apply using GOES, you can still confirm or update your information by creating a GOES account, which enables you to view and modify your file.

Please note that NEXUS members are not required to report to an Enrolment Centre to update or change their passport information with the CBSA.

NEXUS members must report to an Enrolment Centre to update or change other information including:

  • Legal name changes
  • Changes to citizenship documents
  • Changes to permanent resident card information
  • Changes to naturalization certificates
  • Changes to work visas or study permit information
  • Changes to employment information if the change affects your eligibility to the program
  • Changes to legal custody and legal guardian status or jurisdiction (for all NEXUS members under 18)
  • Changes that could affect your NEXUS membership such as an arrest, a criminal charge, a conviction or a customs or immigration violation in Canada or the United States
  • Purpose of travel changes (business/pleasure/school, etc)

To update an email address, please contact a Canadian Processing Centre.

On occasion, NEXUS will need to contact you regarding program changes. Therefore, please ensure that NEXUS always has your current contact information on file.

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