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The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has launched a new officer trainee (developmental) selection process BSF14J-009219-000018 (14-BSF-EA-NBSO-FB-5555). For more information on this new officer trainee (developmental) selection process, explore the section, Interested in border security.

The new process introduces changes in the statement of merit criteria, the way in which some of the essential qualifications will be assessed, as well as the addition of a physical abilities standard. With the launch of this new selection process, the previous officer trainee (developmental) selection process BSF13J-009219-000004 (13-BSF-EA-NBSO-FB-4444) and its corresponding inventory have closed.

Previous campaigns

If you or someone you know applied for an officer trainee (developmental) position before 23:59 PST, July 8, 2014, the Agency continues to process applications and will be in touch with candidates who meet the basic requirements regarding testing and assessment as appropriate. If you have any questions about the status of your application, please contact the National Recruitment Team. For information on the previous selection process BSF13J-009219-000004 (13-BSF-EA-NBSO-FB-4444), which closed July 8, 2014, please visit our archived web pages.

Interested in border security?

Be Ready for a career with the Canada Border Services Agency

A career with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is as rich and diverse as the country we serve. Border Services Officers (BSOs) welcome and process more than 97 million travellers, 200,000 immigrants and refugees, and over 12 million commercial releases; collect several billion dollars' worth of duties and taxes; and administer import and export requirements for some 30,000 animals and plants. They are Canada's first line of defence in preventing inadmissible people, contraband and other illegal substances from coming into the country.  BSOs also contribute to the fight against international terrorism and illegal immigration.

Great care is taken to ensure the right people are chosen to become an officer. The foundation of a career with the CBSA is built by ensuring people have the right qualifications and are provided with the knowledge and training to work in an armed law enforcement environment. To become a BSO, recruits must successfully complete a training program, as well as a developmental program as an officer trainee. After approximately two years within the training and development programs, successful officer trainees embark on their career with the CBSA.

To become a BSO, applicants need to:

  • be willing to work anywhere in Canada.
  • be of strong moral character with sound judgment.
  • be committed to service excellence.
  • be physically prepared.
  • be 18 years of age or older.
  • be the holder of:
    • a secondary school diploma.
    • a valid driver's licence.
    • confirmation of firearms safety courses.

Applicants also need to be ready to train, to develop, to protect and serve, and most importantly, for their career with the CBSA.