Become a CBSA Officer

New Selection Process Poster for the CBSA Officer Trainee – Developmental Program (16-BSF-EA-NBSO-FB-006)

As a result of an amendment to include a new asset qualification to our job poster, the Canada Border Services Agency had to close the CBSA Officer Trainee – Developmental Program selection process (15-BSF-EA-NBSO-FB-5555-2) on the Public Service Resourcing System (PSRS), otherwise known as the website, and on June 14, 2016, open a new CBSA Officer Trainee - Developmental Program selection process (16-BSF-EA-NBSO-FB-006).

If you or someone you know applied to the 15-BSF-EA-NBSO-FB-5555-2 selection process before 23:59 PST, June 13, 2016, the Agency continues to process applications and will be in touch with those who meet the basic requirements regarding testing and assessments as appropriate. If you have any questions about the status of your application, please contact the Officer Recruitment Program.

For more information on the officer trainee selection process and becoming a CBSA officer, please visit our web pages.

We thank you for your continued interest in a career with the CBSA and wish you the best of luck in the selection process!


Become a Border Services Officer

Looking for a career in law enforcement and border security where public service and the protection of our country is your responsibility?

Then consider a career with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) as a border services officer (BSO).

The CBSA is seeking individuals of all backgrounds who share our core values and ethics of service excellence, respect, integrity, and professionalism.

What do Border Services Officers do?

As a BSO, you are the face of our country when visitors and goods arrive, and residents return home. You protect the security, safety, and health of our country in an ever-changing world. And best of all, the variety of opportunities and responsibilities mean that it’s never the same day twice.

Some duties include:

  • Ensuring all people and goods entering Canada are admissible under our laws;
  • Contributing to the fight against human trafficking and international terrorism;
  • Safeguarding against the introduction of human, animal and plant diseases into Canada; and
  • Guarding against the flow of narcotics, firearms, child pornography, and other illegal and prohibited goods and substances.

Is this career for you?

Are you:

  • Looking for a rewarding career where you can make a difference in people’s lives?
  • Willing to provide the best possible service to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, new immigrants, visitors to Canada and the trade community, while protecting the safety and security of Canada?
  • Comfortable interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds?
  • Willing to work anywhere in Canada, including rural and remote areas?
  • Prepared to spend 18 weeks at the CBSA College away from family and friends?
  • Prepared to carry a duty firearm and use it, or any other necessary physical force, in the performance of your duties?
  • Able to understand people’s concerns, feelings and needs?
  • Able to remain calm, make effective decisions and de-escalate a situation when faced with people who are angry or emotional?

How do I get started?

Learn more about the applicant requirements.

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