Food, Plant and Animal Inspections

Commercial importers

Commercial importations of food, plant and animal products are subject to the same reporting, accounting and release procedures as importations of other commodities. However, they are often subject to specific import requirements, such as permits, licences and supporting documents, because of the risks of bringing invasive alien species into Canada and the threats to global biodiversity from the trade of endangered species.

Automated Import Reference System (AIRS)
AIRS is a user-friendly, searchable Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) database of import requirements for specific commodities.

Wood packaging
Import requirements relating to solid wood (excluding manufactured wood and paper products) used in the packaging, supporting, protecting, bracing or carrying of a commodity, including dunnage.

General information

Commercial contact information

For more information, consult the following resources:

Type of information Group Contact
Import requirements Automated Import Reference System (AIRS)
Other commercial inquiries CFIA Import Service Centre In Canada and the United States call toll-free:

Eastern: 1-877-493-0468
National: 1-800-835-4486

Local calls and all other countries:
Eastern: 514-493-0468
National: 905-795-7834
Endangered species/ Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) requirements CITES (Environment Canada) 1-800-668-6767
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